The 90s Slip Dress

The 90s Slip Dress

A lot of amazing fashion came out of the 1990s, but the slip dress is one of the most lasting trends. Dress them up or down it's a great staple for any wardrobe. 

90s fashion saw a return to minimalism so the simplicity and understated elegance, fluid lines and silky textures of the slip dress made it a popular trend. It isn't surprising its back in style with it's versatile ease, and being so universally flattering to most body types. The dress itself has been around for a long time as they were originally designed as lingerie in the 1920s to wear under other dresses. In the 1990s the slip dress truly came into its own as a fashion statement. The style was popularized by iconic supermodels of the era, such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington who were photographed on and off the runway wearing slip dresses. The trend was also linked to the 90s Grunge movement with musician Courtney Love and actress Winona Ryder often sporting the look paired with combat boots and leather jackets giving it an edgy yet feminine vibe.

Dress it up for a night out or down for a casual day look. Check out some of our curated slips on the May Vintage Drop Page!

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate the trend into your own look-


Layer Them over a plain white tee or turtleneck top. This not only adds an extra layer of warmth, but also gives the dress a more casual daytime look. Finish it off with a pair of high top sneakers or ankle boots for a cool, effortless vibe. We created a true 90s look by layering a slip over a babydoll tee. 

Go Grunge in true 90s style! If you want to really lean into the grunge aesthetic, pair your slip with a chunky cardigan or jacket, combat boots and throw on a choker for an edgy look that’s perfect for a night out. We also love a vintage cami with distressed vintage cut-offs to achieve the ultimate understated 90s look.


Keep It Casual by layering your slip dress with your favorite jean jacket. This is a great way to make your dress more wearable for daytime and throw on some chunky combat boots for a casual edge. You're good to go anywhere your day will take you.


Dress It Up for a more formal occasion. Choose a slip dress in a luxe fabric like silk or velvet with some lace and pair it with some strappy heels or platforms for a more sophisticated look for your night out. Want to stay a little edgy?  Stick with the Dr. Martens!


Head over to our 90s Grunge inspired Vintage Drop for the best hand picked vintage slips, perfectly distressed denim cut-offs, vintage shirts and plush coats that would fit right in circa 1992. 

9th May 2023 Tes de Luna

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