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You could say that holographic clothing is our favorite new thing. It catches the light in a perfect way, changing color right in front of you. It shines, it sparkles, and it catches the eye of onlookers left and right. For these reasons and more, it seems like everyone is loving holographic—and this trend is just getting started.

Over the past few years, major designers have been incorporating holographic styles into their fashion lines at increased speeds. From Stella McCartney to Tom Ford to Gucci, designers have been showing holographic styles that give off major futuristic vibes.

So what does holographic clothing actually look like? To start, let’s think of a hologram. Without delving deep into physics, picture a hologram as a three-dimensional image that is created using diffraction of a light field. Whoa! When done correctly (you need fancy laser light, so don’t try this at home!), an object that appears in a holograph retains the depth, parallax, and overall 3-D physical form of the original object. While work with holograms have been around since the 1950s, it undeniably feels futuristic up to this day. Remember that first holographic message from Princess Leia? That happened in a whole other galaxy, far, far away! 

Remember in 2018 when 2Pac made an appearance in holographic form at Coachella? If we’re gonna get into it, the image wasn’t actually a hologram—it was an old stage trick created by reflecting a projected animated image onto an angled piece of glass on stage. It was, however, pretty dang impressive and took a team over four months to complete!

Holographic clothing is a bit more simple. While classic holographic fabric was created using surface-printed Spandex or Lycra (think light-catching dance costume), the trend has exploded leaving few fabrics untouched. We consider holographic clothing (or accessories!) to be any fabric that reflects back light in a rainbow of colors, giving an almost 3-D look to a flat-lying fabric.

We’ve been spending our time stocking up on all things holographic, from our über-popular Holographic Rain Jacket to the cutest windbreaker sets and velcro sandals! If you’re looking for just a bit of holographic pop, check out our iridescent and holographic fanny packs—they’re the perfect piece to level up your accessory game!

If you’re not quite ready to delve into the crazy world of holographic, give our metallic clothing page a look! It’s full of shiny pieces that aren’t quite as disco-ball but still pack an excellent punch, and features everything from metallic leggings to sequin-covered dresses and glittery bodysuits!