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Showing 1–52 of 75 results

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A brief history of the sunglass:
The first eye glasses with tinted lenses were invented in China around 1300. Believe it or not, they weren't for blocking out the sun, or even correcting vision. They were worn by judges in the courtroom to hide the expressions in their eyes. It wasn't until over 600 years later, that glasses were first sold for the purpose of protecting the wearer's eyes from the glare of the sun. In 1929, Sam Foster began selling sunglasses on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. Shortly after, sunglasses became mainstream in America. Later in the decade, with aviation becoming more popular, the military developed a dark green tinted sunglass to protect pilots from the intense yellow light of the sun. In 1937, a new style of aviator sunglasses were made available to the public. Using technology adapted from the Polaroid Camera company, they featured polarized lenses designed to reduce glare. In the 1960s, sunglasses reached a new level of popularity as fashion designers produced innovative new designs and they became a staple among the rich and famous in Hollywood.