National Ugly Sweater Day!

National Ugly Sweater Day!

This time of year is jam packed with holidays but for Ragstock, one holiday in particular holds a very near and dear place in our hearts. No, it isn’t Thanksgiving or Christmas. It happens every third Friday of December when people across the country put on their holiday best to celebrate National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Today, Ragstock and Ugly Christmas Sweaters go hand in hand, two peas in a pod, the milk to Santa’s cookies. It is hard to imagine one without the other. It all started in 2009 when a customer walked into a Ragstock in Belmont Chicago asking for the ugliest sweater we had for a holiday party.

Through our amazing ability to source vintage clothing, we got our hands on some of the ugliest vintage Christmas sweaters you ever did see and the rest is history.

So, in celebration of our favorite day of the year, we rounded up some of the best ugly Christmas sweaters to ever come through Ragstock’s doors.

This ugly Christmas sweater might take the crown as Ragstock’s best. The plump Santa with his even plumper bag of gifts. The swarm of 3-dimensional children with their wish lists, (which come to think of it, are a little late) The snow coated town with the festively colored buildings. This sweater by Raquel is one for the ages.

What, you don’t also wear a voluminous and extremely short circle skirt when you decorate the tree, too? This glorious sweater also features the usual suspects: Santa Claus with three-dimensional facial hair, a cat with a very flat face, a tree (of course), and a wreath that’s popping off the sweater in all of its ruffled glory. A gem to say the least.

Does anything say Christmas more than Santa Claus drinking a Pepsi? Perhaps only the image of Santa drinking a Coke instead. The detail is what really makes this one great. Not many sweaters can pull off the photo-realistic style and make it look this nostalgic. Added bonus, this ugly Christmas sweater is sure to get a wholesome Pepsi v. Coke debate underway and saves the wearer from the politics talk.

Not big on Santa, Christmas trees, presents, or laughing children? Good, me neither. This honestly spectacular ugly Christmas sweater features intricately bejeweled ornaments cascading down the hem along with my favorite part: a pom-pom turtleneck! Nothing gets me quite like a 3D addition.

Do you ever wish you had fifteen-foot ceilings and a complete brick interior? Live your dream with this amazing sweater featuring knitted details and an appliqued Santa relaxing with his cat. Well, thinking about it, it’s probably not his cat. He’s on the job, right?

What more could you ask for on an ugly Christmas sweater than a train full of presents, decorated pine trees, and a slightly googly-eyed Santa Claus? Nothing at all. This sweater features tons of sparkly details and colors for days. You just kind of need it, you know?

The good news is that even if you missed the boat on Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, there are still plenty of days to get into the spirit and break out your ugly sweaters. Don’t have an ugly sweater? We don’t judge! Plus, we have a huge selection of vintage, one-of-a-kind, ugly Christmas sweaters to choose from. Shop our collection here!

More of the sweatshirt type? We have you covered there too! We just dropped some great vintage Cartoon Christmas sweatshirts so you can join in on the fun even if you aren’t feeling the sweater vibe. Shop the collection here!

16th Dec 2022 Drew Bouman

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