Escape to the tropics with Hawaiian Shirts

Escape to the tropics with Hawaiian Shirts

We are all about a good Hawaiian shirt for Summertime parties. Vintage Hawaiian Button-Up Shirts have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity and we are all for it! These shirts, often referred to as Aloha shirts, are known for their vibrant colors and tropical motifs featuring flowers, palm trees and ocean scenes that offer a nostalgic glimpse into vacation life whether you are on vacation or at a friend’s barbecue gathering.

The original appeal began in the 1950s and 60s with people fantasizing about tropical life. Escaping from their daily struggles they turned to fashion, and couldn’t we all use a more carefree vibe right about now? With their eye-catching prints and bold graphics certain intricate details attract collectors all over the world. So check out our curated Vintage Hawaiian Drop collection this month and see if one speaks to you.

Here are some of our favorite modern ways to style Hawaiian shirts that are on trend right now-

  1. Pick a shirt that offers a slim fit with a more streamlined silhouette with some cut-offs or a fitted jean.

  2. Layer an oversized Hawaiian shirt over a form-fitted dress or use it as a cover-up at the beach. 

  3. Try one with darker colors to give a contrast to what we normally think of as tropical to bring a more edgy vibe to the party.

4. Muted colors can be more versatile and blend into your every day wardrobe. We love mixing in more modern accessories to an otherwise retro look.

Ready to try one? Shop at the Ragstock location near you or browse our online selection of New Hawaiians or Vintage Hawaiians.

Love these looks? SHOP them on Ragstock's special Hawaiian Drop collection with curated Button-Ups, Dresses, Graphic Tees and more!

6th Jun 2023 Tes de Luna

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