A Cartoon Christmas

A Cartoon Christmas

Ragstock is known for being the #1 supplier of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, but recently we dropped a collection of exclusive vintage Christmas sweatshirts that are perfect for having a very cartoon-character Christmas!

Here are Ragstock’s five picks for iconic cartoon-inspired Christmas sweaters that are sure to put you in the running for best sweater at your office ugly sweater party.

Looney Tunes North Pole Crew Neck

Looney Tunes North Pole

We’re starting off strong with a Looney Tunes North Pole Christmas sweatshirt from the 90s. It has snow, Santa hats, elf hats, antlers, the North Pole sign, and some of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time. Plus, they are popping out of that iconic 90s cartoon title sequence circle. This is character Christmas gold right here. Plus, the gray color makes this a super versatile sweatshirt all winter long. Pair it with greens, reds, black, blue, tan. Whatever your favorite jeans and layering pieces are, this sweatshirt will fit in for a cozy, winter-ready look.

Check this sweatshirt out here - or shop the whole drop here!

Snoopy and Woodstock Crew Neck

Snoopy and Woodstock

Going a little more traditional on the term sweater for this next one. This Snoopy sweatshirt from the 90s is a sure hit this year. Snoopy and the Peanuts gang are pretty much synonymous with the holidays. If you have fond memories of sitting with the family and watching a Charlie Brown Christmas (or if you’re a Minnesota native like Ragstock; going to Camp Snoopy) this sweatshirt featuring a lovable beagle and his feathered friend is the one for you! The traditional red with green sweatshirt will look great paired with some dark wash blue jeans. Finish this look off with a vintage feel by cuffing the jeans, tossing on some tall socks, and lacing up some high top canvas sneakers.

Check this sweatshirt out here - or shop the whole drop here!

Mickey and Minnie Mistletoe Magic Crew Neck

Mistletoe Magic

A cartoon Christmas would not be complete without an appearance of these two Disney icons. Not to mention this crewneck from the 90’s has everything a good Christmas sweatshirt should have. The color is great and the graphic screams 90s-cartoon-title-sequence and the style is perfect for layering into a cozy Christmas look that is perfect for your holiday parties, cozy date nights, and curling up by the fire with some hot cocoa. Try wearing this crewneck with some light wash blue jeans, layer it over the top of a white turtle or mock-neck, and toss a denim jacket over the top to stay cozy, warm and cute this holiday season.

Check this sweatshirt out here - or shop the whole drop here!

Winnie The Pooh Present Crew Neck

Winnie The Pooh

We have a Winnie the Pooh fan in the office so this might be a biased pick. But… It is a pretty solid feel-good Christmas sweatshirt. This 90s crewneck is full of nostalgia, and brings us back to our first memories of snow, hot cocoa,and the excitement of running down the stairs on Christmas morning. No matter who you are, this sweater is perfect for adding a touch of Christmas cuteness to ice skating, last-minute gift shopping or watching your favorite Christmas movie with your friends.

Check this sweatshirt out here - or shop the whole drop here!

Taz Last Minute Shopper Crew Neck

Last Minute Shopper

Our office also happens to be home to a major procrastinator who, no matter how many panicked shopping trips they make the day before a Christmas party, never learns to stop shopping at the last minute. I am of course talking about myself, which may be why I am partial to this Taz Christmas sweatshirt. The chaos on the front of the sweatshirt, the big and bold graphic with a little bit of sparkle is a little mischievous and silly. Plus, this one breaks away from all theed and green we have been seeing on this list making it great for a wide range of styles. You can pair this with your favorite pair of Dickies and an oversized denim jacket. Then, round the look out with a tote bag and beanie. The perfect outfit for a trip to your local Christmas market where you won't buy anything except a coffee because “there is still so much time to find gifts.”

Check this sweatshirt out here - or shop the whole drop here!

Handmade Antonio Guiseppe Denim and Leather Jacket

Antonio Guiseppe

A solid honorable mention is this Antonio Guiseppe Looney Tunes jacket from the 70s. It isn't exactly Christmas, but Antonio Guiseppe jackets are so cool and rare that this deserves a shoutout. Antonio Guiseppe is a Denim Designer from Los Angeles who made custom denim clothing out of vintage denim. By vintage denim, I mean denim that was vintage when these pieces were made. This means that our jacket was made in the 70s, but the denim has been around since the 50s or earlier! Plus the embroidery on this jacket is so detailed, and in such great condition. The construction screams retro in the best way possible too! It’s the perfect gift for your cartoon loving friend or family member.

Check this jacket out here - or shop the whole drop here!

1st Dec 2022 Drew Bouman and Abby Sliva

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