2022 Halloween Costume Inspo

2022 Halloween Costume Inspo

6th Oct 2022

The Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2022

by Drew Bouman + Abby Sliva
October, 2022

Halloween costumes made using new and vintage clothing from Ragstock

We have been in the Halloween business for a very very long time and over the years we have learned a thing or two about putting together the perfect costume. Read on to see our predictions for the hottest Halloween costumes this year and to learn how to put it together yourself.

Cool Pilot Crew

This is gonna be a big one this year and there are a lot of ways to pull this one off. The most iconic is a simple olive jumpsuit worn over a white tee with some aviators. Spice this up with a vintage navy hat and some patches and you are officially the hottest pilot on the block.

That doesn’t mean the cool pilot costumes stop there. Every good pilot needs a co-pilot and sure your co-pilot (we will call him duck) could dress just like you, or… he could dress in some straight cut blue jeans with a blue Hawaiian shirt worn tucked in and half unbuttoned over a white t-shirt. This one is a real winner if you can sing ‘Great Balls of Fire’ while playing the piano.

This one can be a couples costume too! I mean no one is closer than a pilot and co-pilot so it works perfectly. But, if flying isn’t exactly your thing, you can always go as a cool pilot and the cool pilot’s navy flight trainer love interest. This particular navy flight instructor has a pretty iconic look too that we put together using a vintage pencil skirt, a white gauze blouse, and a vintage leather bomber jacket.

Don’t want to build this one yourself, no problem! Pick up a prepackaged flight suit here!

Karbie and Ben

If you’re as online as we are, you saw the leaked photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as this iconic duo in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie. It’s the perfect mix of nostalgic and current, and there’s so many fun iterations of these dolls you could be! We opted for the neon girlie doll, and a decked-out-in-denim manly doll. 

We highly recommend this couples costume because you’re instantly recognizable as the “it” couple, just like these two dolls. Ladies, this is also such a great costume to show up in on your own, because who didn’t grow up wanting to dress just like this iconic doll? 

Metallics are PERFECT for this costume, and the mix and match pink and purple pastels in our metallic department give it that throwback 80s vibe. We also recommend a sassy pair of sunnies, pink plastic heels that are straight out of a toy catalog and maybe even a hint of blue eyeshadow… come on girlies, let’s go party!

Shop our curated collection of clothing perfect for this costume here!

Truant Students

For all you John Hughes fans out there…we have the costume that is both instantly-recognizable AND can use pieces of clothing that you’ll wear again after the pumpkins are rotten and all the candy has been eaten. It’s a win-win in our eyes.

If you’re going as a couple, finding the perfect jackets is KEY to making this look work. We have an endless supply of 90s jackets, leather jackets, and denim jackets to choose from, which should make pulling this costume together as easy as playing hooky in downtown Chicago with your pals.

Bonus points if you have a single friend who wants to be a part of your couples costume! Honestly, the vintage Red Wings jersey over chinos is the most IMPORTANT of the bunch, and we went with the movie’s casting decisions, but girl third-wheels work here too! Get creative, just don’t steal your dad’s Ferrari…or do… no judgment.

Interesting Happenings

Every year there is a great group costume going around and our prediction for this year is inspired by a hit TV show where a group of kids try and solve some crazy mysteries. No not Scooby and the gang, I’m talking about a group of kids from Indiana in the 80s… The looks and characters from this show are iconic making it a super recognizable group costume and with so many different characters, there is something for everyone here.

You could be a handful of ice cream scoopers who look like they could work on a cruise ship. You could go as a coalition of dungeons and dragons players whose styles range from a guy who layers a leather jacket over a cutoff denim vest all the way down to a mullet toting, trucker cap loving, graphic tee aficionado.

Not feeling the big group costume? The show also allows for a wild assortment of power couples costumes each of which has an iconic 80s style.

I think the best part about these costumes is that once Halloween is over, you can still wear the clothes. These looks are just iconic 80s ensambles and the pieces that make them up are perfect for working back into your everyday wardrobe after spooky season is over.

The second best part is that Ragstock has a ton of vintage clothing to choose from that will help you and your friends look like you just stepped out of the show's wardrobe trailer and into the Halloween party.

Juvenile Potato Topping

Juvenile Potato Topping is the hottest Midwestern Rap artist on the block and his iconic 90’s style makes for a great costume.

Start things off with a 90’s jacket or retro button up. The louder the print the better. Think color combos like purple and gold, yellow and blue, teal and orange. Animal prints are also a great option. Then you’re gonna want to grab some white vintage dress pants to really let that shirt pop. To really nail the look, grab a faux fur coat (the longer the better) , toss on some sunglasses, and add as much gold jewelry as you see fit.

For those looking to really commit to the look, get a blond perm. Mr. Clean might be bald but Juvenile Potato Topping looks best with a blond perm.

Want to turn this one into a couples costume too? One of you can go as the Midwestern rapper and the other can go as a Tik Tok star’s mom. One well timed kiss is sure to make for a show stopping red carpet moment.


This is a low-effort, high reward costume. Live out your cheer captain dreams by picking out a cheerleader costume and learning a few easy offense & defense chants. We have the perfect ready-to-wear version of a cheer costume that even comes with pom-poms! What more could you ask for!

Got friends? Go as a squad! Attempt some lame tricks! It’s fun to wear something that also has a schtick to it.

Head to your local Ragstock to pick up some great vintage cheer!

80s Hawaiian Detective

If you have a sweet mustache or have had a sweet fake mustache in your junk drawer for a while, boy do I have the costume for you. Again on the minimal effort, maximum effect theme we have 80s Hawaiian Detective. 

For the bold, pair a red Hawaiian shirt with a pair of khaki or denim short shorts. I'm talking real short. Like let ‘em know you mean 80’s short. For the more reserved, grab a pair of straight cut vintage blue jeans and pair them with that iconic red Hawaiian shirt. Tuck the shirt in, leave the top half of the buttons undone, toss on a Detroit Lions baseball cap, and don’t forget the mustache. 

If you happen to have a super wealthy boss who writes books and is named after a bird, see if they will let you borrow their Ferrari for the night to really knock this look out of the park. 

You can shop everything you need for this look at Ragstock, vintage jeans, vintage Hawaiian shirts, new Hawaiian shirts, aviator sunglasses and even vintage baseball caps. We don’t sell mustaches though, this costume is BYOM.

Where Is He

Simple, sweet, to the point, and all available right here at Ragstock. Pick up a classic pair of vintage blue jeans, a striped red and white long sleeve shirt, and a red and white beanie and your costume is ready to go. This one is instantly recognizable and even with minimal effort everyone will know who you are making this the perfect costume for procrastinators and last minute costume party plans. Plus, if you’re tired of socializing and just want to pet the house dog instead, it's all just part of your costume to disappear in crowds.