Regram Roundup #2


We’re feeling the warmer weather in our second roundup! While we’re still seeing you guys wearing tons of vintage denim jackets and 90s jackets, our rompers and overall shorts and Spring dresses are slowly making their way out to you! Keep on posting, friends, and tag @ragstock on Instagram for a chance to win $25 and be featured on our profile and right here on our blog!

🤔 Good question (rg @erinnewsome) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

A perfectly on point customized vintage denim jacket on @erinnewsome goes to show that painting or patching your denim jacket is a perfect way to part ways with the crowd. Don’t you just love it when your clothes match your background? SHOP VINTAGE DENIM JACKETS

When you wake up and realize it’s Friday ☝ (rg @sreyyj) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

@sreyyj shows us that 90s jackets will forever hold first place in our hearts. She also shows that you can totally wear one on the daily–just pair with relaxed slacks and some classic Adidas! SHOP 90s JACKETS

Tie Dye Tuesday 🌃 (rg @milenalondonnyc) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Who said tie-dye can’t be sophisticated? With our tie-dye swing dress belted and layered under a leather jacket, this festival-wear staple is ready for a night on the town. SHOP THE DRESS

Vacation vibes 🛫🌴🍍 (rg @thebig_meowski) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

One of our all-star crop tops, the Pineapple Mesh Crop Top, in its natural habitat. Pair this gem with a classic pair of jeans or take it tropical with a palm-print skirt like @thebig_meowski. SHOP THE TEE

Overall shorts + crop tops ♥️ (rg @emdr01d) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

All burgundy everything paired with one of our favorites of the season: the denim overall short. With so many ways to style them, we’re loving @emdr01d’s simple yet bold look. This part of cuffed denim overall shorts rides low on the hips for a super 2000s look that is in AF. SHOP OVERALL SHORTS

New for Spring: the sweetest rompers 🍭 (rg @nyc_lbd) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Our Red Terry Dolphin Romper comes in multiple colors and is the cutest thing for Spring. Romp outside all day long once it warms up, but until then, snuggle inside with your romper and a giant lollipop and call it a day. SHOP THE ROMPER Check back in a couple of weeks for the next roundup of our best and brightest on Instagram, and click here to follow us if you’ve been missing out so far!