three women in crop tops

How to Wear Crop Tops

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How to Wear Crop Tops

by Joe Price
January 12, 2021

Three women in crop tops looking stunning.

At Ragstock, we always try to look on the bright side. That’s why in the depths of winter, we are talking about crop tops! The most summery garment of all time. If you have ever hesitated about wearing one of these breezy tops, I’m glad you’re reading this, because we have the key to how to wear crop tops (even during the coldest months). The beauty of crop tops is they are perfect on bodies of all kinds; anyone can pull off a crop top. The key is confidence! Remember your fabulosity not only when you’re wearing one of these, but at all times! On the market for a crop top? Shop them here! Otherwise, let’s get croppin’!

Woman wears a monochromatic pink outfit with a crop top.
Credit: RuiJun L

1. Let’s start things off with a bang with this monochromatic pink look. Style your biggest pants with your smallest crop top for an outfit that packs a punch. Don’t forget a statement belt! 

Woman wears a blazer over a white crop top.
Credit: Jacky

2. This cream ribbed crop top with matching pants is delightful. We love how Jacky added an oversized blazer, and piled on the silver jewelry. Truly an iconic outfit.

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Man poses while sitting with his hand in the air. He wears a cropped tie dye hoodie.
Credit: @awkvanmills

3. Is that…a tie dye cropped hoodie from Ragstock? Why yes it is! Grab one for yourself here. If you’re cropping the top, might as well crop the bottoms and wear a pair of dolphin shorts, too! 

Woman wears a teddy overcoat with a white corp top underneath.
Credit: Samantha Mariko

4. A plain white crop top is like a good friend. At times, it can take the back burner while other elements of an outfit shine. Look at the texture of this teddy overcoat, stunning! All thanks to that loyal crop top underneath! 

Woman wears a cropped button up shirt and high waisted pants.
Credit: Jacky

5. High waisted pants and crop tops are truly a match made in heaven. As proven in this look. Have fun with cropping your old items of clothing for a bold fashion statement, like this DIY cropped button up!

Woman sits on tire wearing a cropped flannel shirt.
Credit: @shittyfucky

6. Here is another great DIY crop. This time, a bleach dipped flannel. For a grunge aesthetic, wear one with a black skirt or shorts, and fishnets. 

A checkered crop top over a mesh long sleeve shirt.
Credit: @luv.bri

7. Layering a graphic crop top over a mesh long sleeve shirt is a quintessential e-girl styling tip, and my personal favorite way to style a crop top. It’s even better if the top is from Ragstock, like this one! 

Man in New York poses in extravagant outfit with a crop top.
Credit: @winning.and.losing

8. This is some fearless fashion right here! We love to see it. A distressed crop top under a decorative bomber jacket is a perfect way to use clothing as personal expression. The hand-doodled painter’s pants are a great addition.

Man poses in a cropped grey sweatshirt and black trousers.
Credit: Enea Nastri

9. No need to show belly in a crop top, a long crop is just as valid! The matching crop on the three-quarter length sleeves on this DIY sweatshirt is a lovely touch. Style with some sleek flared black trousers. 

Cropped pulp fiction t shirt over a red turtleneck.
Credit: Lilie Dimmel

10. A bright turtleneck under a crop top is a fun, no nonsense look. Lilie styled this with some high waisted pinstripe pants and a unique belt. A recipe for success!

Man poses with leg in the air, wearing a cropped Arizona State sweatshirt.
Credit: Dustin Faires

11. Cut the hem off of an old college sweatshirt for an easy breezy cropped look. Wearing one with a flat brimmed baseball hat makes for a relaxed skater-boy outfit. 

Person in New York stands on the sidewalk in many layers, including a cropped red hoodie.
Credit: @nyc_looks

12. Bury that crop top under an oversized winter coat and some baggy pants for an athleisure look–very on trend! Try coordinating the colors for a two-in-one trending outfit. 

Woman in New York poses in a green cropped polo shirt and long zebra print skirt.
Credit: @mikaylamayumi

13. This blunt cropped polo over a zebra print skirt is a knockout. The effortlessness is so charming! Try this out for yourself with an oversized rugby shirt or button up. 

Man poses in many patterns, wearing a red plaid crop top.
Credit: James Veloria

14. Remember to play with patterns! This brash printed crop top under a more subdued printed button up is an excellent way to do that.

Next time you throw on one of these shortened shirts, we hope you think of us! We’ll be thinking of you. To shop our huge selection of crop tops, hit the link below. Now get to cropping!