Get to Know: Ryen


Meet Ryen, a Chicago-based musician with an eclectic sense of style and quickly-growing collection of heartfelt songs. We first noticed him in a photo surrounded by balloons—by chance, a pretty solid visual for the uplifting music he creates. Read on to get a taste of his artistic process, wardrobe, and what we can expect from him in the future.
RYEN-7 All photos by @luiisrtz Ragstock-10
What is your name, where you are from, and what do you do?
My name is RYEN, I’m originally from Humboldt Park in Chicago. I moved to Berwyn (West suburb near Chicago) when I was 13. Moving to Berwyn was a big change for me, it’s where I experienced a different quality of life compared to my upbringing. It also happens to be where I found my inspiration for creating music.
When did music become a part of your life? 
I’ve always been interested in music since I was a young kid. I used to sing in front of my grandmother’s mirror in the living room and rehearse Ricky Martin and NSYNC dance moves like it was my job. I started creating my own music when I was 17 years old and gradually turned it into a career. I could never picture myself doing anything else!
How would you describe your music style?
Ah, I knew I would get this! One of the most challenging issues I face is HAVING to pick a genre when I’m uploading music. I would describe my music style by a term, not by a genre. The term I can describe it with is “energy”. When you listen to my music (either an uplifting or emotional record) you can feel the energy I carry. When I’m creating music I don’t think to myself “I’m going to make this an R&B song” or “I’m going to give this a tropical vibe”. I just create and let the inspiration flow.
How about your fashion style?
I would say my fashion style is very nonchalant yet clean, flavorful, and comfy at the same time. I enjoy wearing eccentric accessories like my white clout goggles. I also enjoy wearing unknown brands like my uncle’s tees from the ’90s (FIRE). I do like having nice things, but I’m not materialistic by any means. Thrifting is where I happen to find my favorite pieces. As far as footwear goes, my favorite brand would have to be Puma. Specifically the Suede line. I own roughly 10 pairs and they’re definitely my go-to for performances.

“One of the most challenging issues I face is HAVING to pick a genre when I’m uploading music.” RYEN-12 5-10-15-20
Give us a breakdown of your style as a five, ten, fifteen, and twenty-three-year-old:
5 years old: Jordan Jumpsuit with matching retro Air Jordan shoes.
10 years old: Plaid button-ups from Gap, Rocawear jean shorts (please forgive me lol) and G-Unit shoes. Fire.
15 years old: Old Navy polos, Levi’s boot cut jeans and clean Air Force 1s
23 years old: Ragstock denim jacket or windbreaker, any comfortable hoodie, skinnys, and Pumas; S/O Rudolf Dassler!
Tell us about your photographer, @luiisrtz!
LEGEND. To say the least. Luis is a very important factor in my brand and the influence I have on my fans; he makes my music come to life visually so PLEASE give him a follow on Instagram! We just started working together in January of 2018, and the synergy couldn’t be better. He’s become one of my closest friends in the process. Most importantly, I believe in his creativity as I do mine.

“I used to sing in front of my grandmother’s mirror in the living room and rehearse Ricky Martin and NSYNC dance moves like it was my job.”

What’s the last song you released?
The last song I released is a song titled ‘Contigo’. This release is very special to me, it’s the first song that I release to the world in Spanish. If you didn’t already know I’m Hispanic so this one was really interesting and fun to create. The record can be found on all major music streaming platforms. YES! Even Tidal…
What’s next?
Definitely expect an EP sometime in the fall. I like to keep my content current, so I won’t hold on to my music too long! I’m also working on collaborations with well-known overseas producers. Look out for my debut visuals as well and some of my own personalized merch!
Where can we find you?
Besides your local grocery store, you can find me on all major music streaming platforms and on Instagram and Twitter as @ThisIsRYEN.
P.S. Click for Ryen’s Instagram, his photographer Luis, and here to see the photo that first caught our eye!
By Maddie Berger | 2018.6.7