Five Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack and get an A+

8th Jun 2018


Unless you've been living under a large pebble for the last couple of years, I'm assuming you've noticed fanny packs emerge from the attics, flood the halls of eBay, and Christen the shoulders and hips of fashionistas everywhere. What is this nonsense? Does not a nerd a fanny pack make?

There are two main ways to wear a fanny pack: around your hips in front of you like a normal person, or slung across your chest like a fashion person. I would say there's a third way—around your hips with the buckle at your front and the fanny above your fanny—but nobody actually does that. So, while there are many not cool approaches to wearing one, I've rounded up five which are. The following fannys are all vintage fanny packs that we just put online. Exciting, right? While there's a special place in our hearts for the vintage variety, we also have tons of new fanny packs that feature fabrics ranging from holographic to neon to weed-patterned. You know, #ragstock fabrics.

Anyway, scroll on to witness some extremely practical and hands-free magic, and shop our fanny packs here.


Way #1: Slung low on the hips with a #sporty aesthetic

We're going to start this off right with a timeless approach. Fanny packs were made for sports, yes? Yes. So, let's start with the basics. The varsity stripes found on a hooded dress (for example, surprise, our Grey Varsity Hoodie Dress) are undoubtedly calling to both the high and low points of your years of academia. This vintage fanny pack is a gem, and we actually rounded up two of them (vintage fanny 1vintage fanny 2) because they're just that good. Featuring the perfect trifecta of content, Girl Scouts, Girl Sports, and the year 2000, this fanny pack looks great with a loose strap and fits below the natural waist. Add hoops and a hip pop and you're ready to go.

Way #2: Family vacation style and across the chest

Just looking at this Disney World fanny pack makes you feel like you're standing in a Floridian line, doesn't it? When popped over a basic crop top that speaks to the surrounding crowd (Idiot Crop Tee, $15.99, for example), slung across the shoulder and approaching the armpit, you're able to easily access all of your Snickers-bar-or-smaller-sized valuables and participate in the look of the moment re: fanny packs. Add a pair of quirky sunnies (like these steampunk sunglasses) and don't forget the sunscreen.

Way #3: To a rave and/or tolerable house party

We were super excited to style this look just because it's so damn fun, isn't it? With a matching holographic set of crop top and leggings, this Smirnoff vintage fanny pack adds a punch of color and bad memories to your outfit. This fanny is still worn slung over the shoulder because you want to look cool and trendy at a rave and/or house party, but the strap has been lengthened to fall closer to your hip. This provides a more relaxed look and easier access for when you need a quick place to put your phone and/or jello shot.

Way #4: Fuzzy and with retro stripes

Don't mind us, we're still just quietly sobbing over the extreme cuteness of this vintage Winnie the Pooh fanny pack. To up the precious nature a bit more, we added this fanny pack, worn the classic way, to a matchy-matchy outfit. With the yellow and red stripes of the retro-styled shirt and of-the-moment (and still matching) shades, don't you want to give this whole look a big hug?

Way #5: Slung low with a crop

Still cute but with a bit of edge! This vintage Nascar fanny pack still has the original tag, PLUS a bonus Nascar collector card inside! Paired with distressed cutoffs and a crop top with a knotted detail, this summer l-o-o-k is ready for the tracks. To keep the crop in all of its belly buttoned-glory, this fanny pack is worn low on the hips so as not to distract or create weird tan lines.

So what's the verdict on fanny packs? Normal person way or fashion person way? Tag us on Instagram with your looks, and shop our new and vintage fanny packs here.