Deck the Hallway with Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

Deck the Hallway
with Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

It feels as though it’s been about one million years since Covid-19 hit, impacting almost every facet of life as we know it. With Christmas just around the corner, we know we’re not the only ones who are compiling lists of all the ways we can make this season feel at least a little festive among all of the giant bummers our world is currently facing.

With health experts urging the population to keep gatherings small this Thanksgiving, we’re sure the same will be said for Santa’s big day. One way we’ve all learned to keep in contact with each other, though, is through virtual meeting tools like Zoom! So while you may reserve most of your Zoom energy for eyeball-glazing work meetings, here’s a nugget to make it feel a little bit like a real-life party when you call up your friends and family this Christmas.

Our Christmas Zoom backgrounds are created with you (and us) in mind! We’ve been in love with ugly Christmas sweaters for years, now, and thought we’d convert the mystical details of these sweaters into backgrounds you can download and automagically turn into a smile-inducing backdrop behind your Zoom call.

How did we do it? Simple, really. We picked some of our favorite ugly Christmas sweaters out at our warehouse, took photos, and sometimes tweaked them just a bit to increase their background worthiness. So, do all of these Zoom backgrounds have wearable counterparts? Yes. Can you hypothetically purchase a matching sweater right now? Also yes.

So! Keep on scrollin’ for examples of a few of our works of art, and download your favorites right here. All images are full-res and ready to use!