Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

Created from some of our favorite vintage ugly Christmas sweaters!

Searching for that perfect Zoom background to add a bit of cheer to your virtual holiday get-togethers this year? Ho ho ho, have we got a treat for you: just scroll on down to download tons of free Christmas Zoom backgrounds!

This holiday season will look just a bit different than most, with family and friends urged to stay socially distant to keep each other safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to help get in the spirit? Swap out your au naturel background of dirty clothes and empty cereal bowls for the glorious details of an ugly Christmas sweater!

While most of us were introduced to Zoom early this past spring for work meetings, we quickly found that it was an equally opportune way to stay in touch with those we didn’t want to lose all contact with during the lockdown. It’s been the spot for virtual happy hours, calls with grandparents, and, of course, plenty of sigh online classes. As we all know, texting and calling and DMing are all great. However, they’re no substitute for seeing a friendly face even when you’re not hanging out as IRL as you’d like.

So, here we are! It’s already that time of year where Jingle Bells is beginning to envelop the airwaves and general panic is starting to set in over whether or not you’ll find the perfect gifts in time. One thing you can tick off your list? Scoring the perfect holiday-themed background to go along with your sipping eggnog amidst the glow of a laptop screen.

Don’t quite know how to add a Zoom background? No worries! In the bottom left corner of your Zoom window, you’ll see an icon that says “Start Video” or “Stop Video”. Click on the upward arrow (^) next to it and select “Choose Virtual Background”. If you’re prompted, click Download to download the package for virtual background without a green screen. And you’re done!

Or download individual backgrounds below by right clicking on each image and selecting “Save Image As…”

If you enjoy these backgrounds, feel free to share them with friends and family!

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Ugly Christmas sweater featuring snowmen and the words "ho ho ho".

Everyone will be singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” this year, but with this Zoom background, you’ll be home with these five pipe toting snowmen at your beck and call! They’re no Frosty the Snowman, but you can count on their smiling, carrot-nosed faces bringing Christmas cheer to your holiday gathering. Click here to buy the matching ugly Christmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a Christmas tree adorned with bows and large snowflakes

Rumor has it, the shine of this Christmas tree star can be seen from the north pole. No matter how far you may be from your loved ones this holiday season, this Zoom background will help your spirit shine like Rudolph. Click here to buy the matching ugly Christmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring Santa with a bag of toys looking at a sign pointing towards his workshop and reindeer.

We can’t even imagine Santa’s data bill after a night of navigating to all of the necessary chimneys on Christmas Eve. This scene depicts him just moments before he embarked on his December present distribution trip last year when there were just a few simple locations he had to keep track of.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a close up of ornaments sewn with metallic thread.

Want a simple background to add a bit of holiday cheer to your Zoom call this year? Look no further than to the details on this sweater, which show a few ornaments ~tastefully~ jazzed up with red and green metallic thread.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a wreath with a large red bow

Feel like the main character this holiday season with this wreath Zoom background framing you exquisitely. If you center yourself just right, the bow will appear to be sitting atop your head. Precious! Click here to buy the matching Christmas sweater.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring three waving snowmen holding brooms with a blue background

Oh, to be a simple snowman in a Christmas Zoom background, aye there’s the rub! Not a cell phone in sight, just pals living in the moment. Download this background to vibe with these guys during your remote holiday happenings. Click here to buy the matching Christmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a close up of colorful Christmas ornaments

Who else here loves decorating the Christmas tree? Oh, everyone? Great! Then you’ll love this Christmas Zoom background—it’s got a smattering of colorful holiday ornaments *and* sequins for days.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring lots of reindeer wearing hats and scarves on a pink sweater background

You’ve got Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comit and Cupid and Doner and Blitzen… and Prancer and Vixen and Comit and Comit and Rudolph! Are we seeing double or are there just a few too many reindeer to blame on the excess of holiday cocktails consumed over here?

Ugly Christmas sweatshirt featuring Dalmatian dogs busting out of wrapped presents

Puppies make everything better (i.e., your holiday Zoom party)! Although, imagine being gifted six Dalmatian puppies for Christmas. A blessing, or a curse? Regardless, this lively Christmas sweater background is the one for any dog lover. Click here to buy the matching Christmas sweatshirt!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a Christmas tree adorned with fabric roses with presents all around it

The aura of this Christmas Zoom background has big grandma energy. The bows and roses add that delectable kitsch factor that every great Christmas sweater has. Perfect for a warm night by the fireplace this holiday season. Click here to buy the matching Christmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring four snowmen all dressed up on a purple sweater background

Do we think these snowmen are more pumped about 1. the fresh snowfall currently happening 2. the pile of presents at their round feet just waiting to be opened or 3. the absolutely cute hats they’re wearing?

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a fireplace with stockings hung and a wreath. There is a dog sitting in front of the fire with a red bow on its head.

Chestnuts are roasting on the open fire and candles have been lit on this excessively long mantle. The part we all really care about, though? The sweet little pup reclining in front of that open flame. Do we think she gets one of those stockings?

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring two penguins holding hands. They're both wearing clothing to keep warm.

Here’s the thing: we know penguins don’t need to wear scarves and vests to stay warm. But they just look so darn cute holding hands in their winter garb. Just like you will look so darn cute with these two penguins peeking over your shoulder during your Christmas Zoom call! Click here to buy the matching Christmas sweatshirt!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a group of elves decorating a Christmas tree. One of the elves is falling over.

Ready to get weird? You should probably download this Zoom background—It features an especially odd-looking posse of elves decorating a Christmas tree. The sad thing, though? The brave elf who took it upon themself to add the star to the top did not have a reliable spotter for their ladder 🙁

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a group of people carrying Christmas presents down the street.

Can’t you just hear the sleigh bells when you look at this Christmas Zoom background? This wintery town scene is the ideal setting for you to sit back, drink some hot cocoa, and be merry and bright with your loved ones. Click here to buy the matching ugly Christmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a Santa Claus figure carrying bags of wood with a snowy background

This Santa has been out all day gathering attractive-looking twigs to give to all of the children instead of coal this year. Less messy, more sustainable, and doubles as fire starter once the temperature really drops come January.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a teddy bear surrounded by presents.

Nobody at Ragstock could figure out what this teddy bear might have been receiving for Christmas. We have faith that you and your loved ones can solve this important holiday mystery during your Zoom gift opening sesh! Click here to buy the matching ugly Christmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring Santa Claus in his sleigh which is being led by six reindeer. The background is a bright green sweater.

Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph ate too many Christmas cookies and are down for the evening, but Santa doesn’t seem to mind. Traveling with a light load and a top-heavy Christmas tree, nothing can stop this guy this year. That neon green sky? Don’t worry about it, everything is fine.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a confusing illustration of a cookie and mistletoe.

Is it a snow-covered chocolate chip cookie or a mistletoe-topped oddly-colored strawberry? If you’re worried about having enough to talk about, put on this background for an instant conversation starter.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a Christmas tree and presents on a dark purple sweater background.

We’ve never tried decorating a Christmas tree with full gingerbread cookies, but it sure looks like a good idea based on this Christmas sweater. Download this Zoom background for a fun (but not too fun!) setting this holiday season.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring a flying Santa Clause putting a star on a tree that says "This House Believes". The background of the sweater is light blue.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Santa with angel wings carrying a delightful Christmas star. The birds don’t really seem to be thrown by his particular presence in the sky, so we’ll try to not let it bother us either.

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring rows of bows and candy canes on a dark green background.

We love this subtle approach to Christmas Zoom backgroundery. Grandma spent too much time knitting this sweater for you NOT to use it as your go-to background this holiday season! Click here to buy the matching Christmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas sweater featuring rows of bows and candy canes on a dark green background.

Before we end things, here’s a little bonus: a Christmas version of Four Season Total Landscaping‘s now famous parking lot!