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Vintage Denim Jacket Chest Width Measurement

Chest Width Measurement


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Vintage Denim Jacket Sleeve Length Measurement

Sleeve Length Measurement

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Vintage denim jackets. Although less popular than denim pants, denim jackets have actually been around much longer, dating back to the Edo period in mid 18th century Japan. The style became popular in the 20th century when classic American denim brands like Levi’s, Lee, and Wrangler made denim jackets into a fashion staple. Because these denim jackets are vintage, please note the chest width and front length measurements to ensure an accurate fit. Tag size is listed for your convenience.

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Chest Width (inches):

Front Length (inches):




Our vintage denim jackets come in vintage pre-worn condition. They've been hand picked for their wear and tear, please note some are more worn than others. Ask any questions regarding specific detail

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