Your Outfit for Pride Weekend 2018


It's almost summer, and that means it's nearly festival season—pride festival season! We like our pride clothing adorned with all things happy and bright (we are celebrating, after all), so we've packed in all of the rainbows and unicorns that we can to present our favorite items of pride clothing this year. For your convenience, we're breaking it down into three sections depending on how much sunscreen you want to slather on: bodysuits, sleeveless, and short-sleeved tops! Last but not least? Accessories. Obviously.

Want to skip straight to the thick of it? Head over to our pride clothing section to see our full selection!


A full-on rainbow extravaganza, featuring tiny straps, an open back, and foiled finish.

 A classic cami bodysuit in a poppin' holographic pink just in case you don't want to go head-to-toe rainbow.

If you want to show your pride in a shade of pastel, this bodysuit is for you.


Sequins, baby! This halter top will shine a light in every color of the rainbow.

Say it loud and say it proud. There is no better animal to identify with, both in real life and make-believe.

A solid rainbow band across the front of this halter top throws off serious retro vibes.


The tiny rainbows sprinkled across the front of this otherwise simple crop top are equal to one huge rainbow, if not more!

This sunshine-yellow crop has a simple, rainbow-filled heart placed over your own heart. How sweet is that?

Are you a rave child? Do you wish you were? Either way, this crop top is for you. It even has a hood!


Hopefully, you now have a full outfit in mind (the top half, at least!) and should head on over to our pride clothing page to check out the almost fifty pieces of pride clothing and accessories we have in stock!