Ways To Wear It: Bucket Hats

Ways to Wear It: Bucket Hats

The bucket hat first emerged in 1900 for Irish farmers and fishermen to use as rain protection and was sprinkled on the occasional cultural icon’s head throughout the first half of the century. It reemerged in the late ’80s on rappers such as LL Cool J, who secured it as a fashion essential in the early ’90s hip-hop and street style scenes. Since the ’90s are cool again, so is the bucket hat. Lucky us!

We snooped around Lookbook.nu to find loads of different ways to wear one of our favorite accessories. While it might seem a little tricky to style, bucket hats go with way more than one would think. From kitten heels and jersey dresses to sportswear and sweatsuits, we love the way a bucket hat adds an unexpected twist to an outfit. Want one of your own yet? Check out our wide selection of bucket hats in tons of prints and colors.

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