Our Favorite Vintage Denim Jackets



While snow may have fallen in our home state of Minnesota last night, we are dead-set on Spring being just around the corner. This emotional rollercoaster is the reason we love-hate the Midwest, right? In this seasonal purgatory, we must focus our strength on one of its perks: transitional dressing! The denim jacket is one of the more classic pieces to help you sashay into Spring, and we are here for it 100%. With 100 vintage denim jackets online and in most of our stores, there are so many to choose from. From the classic Lee trucker jacket to a Sharpie-detailed Levi’s, here are a few of our favorites to get you in that fifty-degrees-and-sunny state of mind. Vintage-Denim-Jacket-Front-497 Dip-Dyed Vintage Denim Jacket, $44.99 Vintage-Denim-Jacket-Front-466 Fuddruckers Vintage Denim Jacket, $49.99 Vintage-Denim-Jacket-Front-430 Classic Levi’s Vintage Denim Jacket, $49.99 vintage-denim-jackets-1 Wear a vintage denim jacket with a skirt or dress or stay classic with a flannel shirt. Vintage-Denim-Jacket-Front-471 Sharpied Vintage Denim Jacket, $49.99 Vintage-Denim-Jacket-Front-532 Corduroy Collar Vintage Denim Jacket, $59.99 Vintage-Denim-Jacket-Front-512 Patched Shoulder Vintage Denim Jacket, $59.99 Vintage-Denim-Jacket-Front-444 Wrangler Hero Vintage Denim Jacket, $39.99


Golden Lee Vintage Denim Jacket, $39.99 vintage-denim-jackets-2 Similar vintage denim jacket, $44.99 Vintage-Denim-Jacket-7 Dark Wash Wrangler Vintage Denim Jacket, $59.99