It’s Overall Shorts Season, People


Overall shorts (AKA shortalls), skirtalls, plain ol’ overalls—you see them look cute as heck on random celebrities and your little cousin, but somehow you still can’t quite picture them on your IRL self. It’s understandable that you need a little help, dear reader, especially when we’re talking about a garment invented for literally working on the railroad. Here, we’re choosing a focus point; overall shorts, as it is approaching summer and the most opportune time to wear the cutest (IMHO) version of overalls. Scroll to see five ways we’ve styled both new and vintage varieties in our studio, or go buy your own overall shorts and give us what you got.

B.U.M. Equipment Overall Shorts (similar Bill Blass overall shorts here), similar high neck crop top


We’re going to start off with an anything-but-basic outfit, one rooted in a pair of vintage denim overall shorts from the 90s street style brand B.U.M. Equipment. This pair is sold, sadly, but another pair of equally throwback brand Bill Blass is available here. With a high neck white crop top layered underneath, the color variation in the denim is highlighted, and the spotlight can shine on your overall shorts (as it should). A lot of vintage overall shorts you find might be a bit large, but this is easily balanced out by a crop top underneath to show a little skin.

Release Hem Overall Shorts, Vintage Hawaiian Shirt, Black Basic Tee


I love these white overall shorts because they’re definitely a step off of the blue denim tracks. With a released hem and some distressing, it leans more cool kid than Labor Day, and the black basic underneath leaves all the focus where it should be: the overall shorts. Finishing off is a big ol’ pop of color: a quirky vintage Hawaiian shirt from Big Dogs left unbuttoned and oversized.

Vintage Route 66 Overall Shorts, Rose Tube Top


Did you buy a cute tube top last summer that was quickly relegated to your bottom drawer for fear of your shoulders being out in the wild? Me, too, but don’t worry—I have a plan. Wearing a tube top under a pair of vintage overall shorts is a great way to dive headfirst into naked shoulder territory while also feeling like there’s still plenty going on up there. It screams summer, is comfortable, and also creates a cool illusion where the overall straps kind of look like a tank top. I know—crazy! Feeling crazier? Unhook a strap like Kellie has done above and take it up to 110º.

Medium Wash Overall Shorts, similar vintage Hawaiian shirt


One of the many beauties of overall shorts is the fact that they can easily be converted into—wait for it—shorts! By wearing this hip-hugging pair and flipping the entire bib down past the waist, you can wear them as shorts while creating a ton of extra interest. The straps fall down to either side and swing when you walk, the doubled-up fabric creates surprising texture, and whatever shirt you’re wearing can either be cropped, tucked neatly, or draping loosely, such as a vintage Hawaiian shirt like the one worn by Histria above.

Acid Washed Distressed Overall Shorts, similar black lettuce edged top


Sensitive to the sun? Cold? Just want a little more coverage? Here’s an overall shorts look for you. This outfit is super 90s, TBH, so hopefully you’re not set sick of the decade (we are, after all, talking about overall shorts in the first place). First, we have a pair of acid washed overall shorts with a slightly longer, fitted leg. Layered underneath is a pair of opaque black leggings, and up top is a lightweight black, lettuce-edged turtleneck (easily subbed out for a short-sleeved version like this). You can’t see, but she’s wearing black Chuck Taylors. Classic all around. Have a pair of overall shorts? Tag us on Instagram with your looks—we’d love to see!
If you need to get shopping, check out our page featuring both new and vintage overall shorts.