Five Better Ways to Wear Tie-Dye


For a lot of people, tie-dye shirts are one of the harder things out there to wear. It makes sense—what do you pair with something that already has so much going on? Here at Ragstock, we wear our love for tie-dye on our sleeves and believe styling this oddball dyeing technique isn’t as hard as it seems. Whether it’s vintage tie-dye tees or new tie-dye shirts (or even tie-dye hoodies), the sartorial possibilities are endless. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling for five different ways to put together an outfit with a tie-dye centerpiece!

Way #1: Layered Under a Light Jacket

Contrasting the hippie vibes of tie-dye with the undeniably sporty aesthetic of a track jacket or windbreaker is an excellent way to keep some balance while having fun. This vintage Adidas windbreaker (found here) looks great over the muted tones and bright graphic of this recycled Bonnaroo tee. Throw on some pastel bottoms for a bright look with edge and get ready to lean against a wall and make tie-dye look cool AF.

Way #2: All Over

Why wear one piece of tie-dye when you can wear two? Matching tie-dye sweatsuits have taken the internet by storm over the past few months, and for good reason. They’re hella cute and hella comfy. Add some fun sandals and a moody bucket hat and you’re good to go. 

Way #3: Grunged Up with a Denim Jacket

Mix a little peace and love with a little punk by matching a classic tie-dye shirt with a distressed denim jacket. The more ripped and oversized, the better. Add black jeans and Chucks (also distressed, if possible) to complete the look. Another take is to swap out the black jeans for blue and take your Canadian Tuxedo for a tie-dyed trip.

Way #4: With Overalls or Overall Shorts

Did you ever tie-dye a shirt as a kid? Let’s take it all the way back and unite your shirt with it’s roots. Pairing tie dye with overalls is a playful take on the youthful nature of the dyeing technique. Go all in with a baseball cap and sneakers, or give it a little bite with leather military boots or a rougher pair of overalls like the overall shorts shown here.

Way #5: Under an Oversized Blazer

If you haven’t noticed yet, pairing tie-dye with a totally different piece of clothing is an automatic win (well, most of the time). Here, one of our neon tie-dye hoodies is brilliant under a neutral vintage blazer. The slouchy print mixed with the structured polish of the jacket makes this outfit fair game for work or play. The muted color of the jacket cuts down on the tie-dye hoodie’s loudness, while the hoodie adds a bunch to an otherwise plain blazer. Win-win!

How do you wear your tie-dye? Tag us on Instagram with your looks—we’d love to see!