Regram Roundup #3

11th Apr 2018


We love to catch you wearing your Ragstock finds, and this week we saw tons of looks including old-time faves like 80s Sweaters and Fanny Packs!
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When you build your outfit around a hologram fanny pack  (rg @cclaflare) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

We've been seeing holographic everything these last couple of season, and @cclaflare has potentially taken it to a whole new level. This fanny pack is one of over fifty we have in stock! SHOP FANNY PACKS

(rg @breezemonet) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

We're known for our cute and cheap sunglasses, and @breezemonet wears one of our most trendy new pairs in a fiery red that fits her perfectly! SHOP CHEAP SUNGLASSES

(rg @robert.navarro) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Our vintage denim jackets are one of our most-loved categories, and you can see why. With at least one included in all of our round-ups, they are especially worthy of Instagram mural pictures, seen here on the likes of @robert.navarro. SHOP VINTAGE DENIM JACKETS

Weekend priorities  (rg @olivebarrett) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

We are all about jumpers and overall skirts, especially when they're in fabrics as cute as corduroy! Overall skirts are incredibly versatile and can be layered over tops in tons of different styles to create a variety looks. For example, @olivebarrett has taken the traditionally Autumnal fabric and made it fit for spring with a cropped and smocked gingham top underneath! SHOP THE JUMPER

Spending time with loved ones  (rg @clausashley) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Personally, we're Coca-Cola people, between @clausashley's dog and the vintage 80s sweater she's wearing, this pic has it all. SHOP VINTAGE 80s SWEATERS

Keith Haring + vintage denim = keep (rg @keepingupwithkyledvorak) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Check out a look of the century, provided by none other than @keepingupwithkyledvorak. Featuring one of our vintage denim jackets, he's layered a Canadian tuxedo over a t-shirt featuring one of the greats—Keith Haring—as well as some killer white boots. SHOP VINTAGE JEANS

Making friends with animals  (rg @cloud9chris) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Styled the cool kid way, one of our fanny packs got to hang out with a butterfly as part of a stand-out look by @cloud9chris. SHOP FANNY PACKS

#tfw you remember you can go outside and it's pretty neat  (rg @sulamitaiva) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Smocked everything is crazy trendy this season, but @sulamitaiva manages to keep the look classic with this smocked off-the-shoulder dress. While the background definitely helps, she looks beautiful! SHOP THE DRESS Check back in a couple of weeks for the next roundup of our best and brightest on Instagram, and click here to follow us if you've been missing out so far!