How to Style Overalls

How to Style Overalls

19th Jan 2021

• Part of our How to Wear It series •

How to Style Overalls

by Joe Price
January 19, 2021

Overalls are an iconic piece of 90s nostalgia. Ever since their resurgence in the fashion world over the past few years, folks have been pushing the boundaries on how to wear this versatile garment. If you’re wondering how to style overalls without looking like a midwestern toddler, look no further! We will show you how overalls can be dressed up for a night out, or a comfy look for a day at home. Maybe even how to look like a midwestern toddler if you so desire. Overalls are great for layering, which makes them a perfect tool to have in your winter wardrobe. Let’s look at 12 beautifully layered looks that you can try with your overalls during this chilly season! 

On the hunt for the perfect pair? We have options for you! We have vintage denim overalls here for a throwback feel, or some less traditional, new overalls! Much to think about... But for now, here is some outfit inspo. 

Woman with sunglasses poses in overalls and crop top.
Credit: Ragstock

1. Starting things off with a classic combo: vintage denim overalls and a crop top, both from Ragstock! Unclipping one side of your overalls is not only a great way to show off more of what you’re wearing underneath, but also a signifier of just how chill you are. 

Man poses on the edge of a building with hands in the pockets of his corduroy overalls.
Credit: Dustin Faires

2. A pair of corded overalls over a neutral long sleeve makes for a fit that shouts ‘indie boy’. Complete the look by adding a beanie and rolling up your cuffs to show off some high top converse and matching socks. 

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Women on a street corner wears long trench coat blazer over overalls
Credit: @rutaenroute

3. Keep it classy with a pair of fitted overalls under a long blazer or trench coat. A little bit rural and a lotta bit urban wrapped up in one. 

Man in mask wears all black outfit with chains and necklaces.
Credit: @ch_0627

4. Go monochrome with your overall outfit by wearing all black, and accessorizing with silver. Belting your overalls at the waist is a bold choice with a beautiful payoff. 

woman wears checker print overalls with bib hanging down.
Credit: Claudia Villanueva

5. These checker-print overalls look stunning with the shoulder straps hanging at the sides. It makes for an easygoing look, and great when paired with a simple crop top. Complete the look with a paperboy hat and vintage inspired glasses! 

Man with hand in his pockets wears overalls.
Credit: @immad0077

6. Wearing a solid color lightweight jacket with a pair of denim overalls over a neutral hoodie can make for some interesting color blocking. Check out the boxy shape around the neckline. Try it out for yourself!

Woman wears neon pink overalls with smiley face and yin yang patches over a black mesh top.
Credit: Owlephant Vintage

7. This look treads into the realm of midwestern toddler in the best way. Some bright baggy corduroy overalls with cute patches are perfection. Layer them over a black mesh top, and finish things off with a leather choker.

Woman in ruffled collar shirt wears overalls
Credit: @hesterstreetfair

8. If you have a blouse with an ultra ruffly collar, it’s your time to shine! They are great to wear under some classic overalls. Wear the collar over the shoulder straps for an A+ fashion moment.

Man wears Carhartt Overalls
Credit: Mohamed Samaras

9. No need to crack a sweat! Let utility overalls do all the work by styling them over a plain white tee. A pair of Vans and some sunglasses are a nice touch.

Woman sits on her porch wearing overalls and a sweater
Credit: @court_was_here

10. Vintage 80s sweaters are the best. They can truly be worn in any context, and compliment any outfit. Wear one under your baggiest overalls for your next do-nothing day at home!

Woman wears polkadot print shirt under polkadot print overalls with bright red bag and many accessories.
Credit: Andreea Birsan

11. Have fun with prints! In my mind, there is no such thing as ‘clashing’. The point of fashion is to express yourself and stand out, right? You will never look bad if you are happy and confident in the clothes on your back.

Woman wears a Y2K style jacket over overalls with a bandana around her neck.
Credit: @carol.worldwide

12. Get cozy with it by styling with a fluffy coat. Tie a vintage silk scarf around your neck for a boho flair. Let the overalls shine by wearing something black underneath!

And just like that, you are an expert in the art of styling and wearing overalls. A rising star in the overalls game. Remember to always use your newfound power for the good of yourself and others! Still trying to track down the perfect pair? Shop great overalls at the link below.