The Sweaterstore Infomercial Part 5


Oh I’m so excited about this sweater. This sweater is literally — figuratively and literally — ooh it’s smoking hot! Even more exciting than that, and even more exciting than the beautiful colors, and even more exciting than, you know, the beautiful details, is the message that you send when you wear this sweater. Do you feel yourself, wanting to go to the Christmas party but maybe a little bit like… shy? You know sometimes I feel that way too. This is the perfect solution. How could you wear this sweater and not be warm and friendly? It just says “I am approachable. I am warm. I am happy. I am crackly. I am bright. I am like a fireplace.” Too hot, too hot. Too hot. Before I let you go, I have to tell you my favorite detail from this whole sweater is the doll. Is this not the cutest doll that you have ever seen in your life? This doll is adorable. It is, it is, awww… it makes me just want to snuggle up and just hold it. Doesn’t it? Doesn’t it do that for you? That’s what it does for me. Log onto The Sweater Store today. Look for more smoking hot sweaters. There’s a lot of them to find.