The Sweaterstore Infomercial Part 4


This is one of those diamonds that you just come across every so often and you’re just like “Ugh!”. There are little tiny people crawling all over it. Who doesn’t want to wear a sweater and have people crawling all over them. I mean all of these little children that are climbing up your shirt are looking right up at you and they’re smiling. And who do we have over here? We have holly jolly old St. Nick. He’s squeezable. Look. I’m going to show you the front of Mikey’s head. We’re bending your head back Mikey! Look. You can see it, you can see his eyes, you can see his nose, you can see his mouth, he’s smiling. He’s like, “Merry Christmas! I’m going to climb the ladder and I’m going to decorate this tree.” That’s what he’s saying. And that’s what all these little faces are saying. They’re saying “Merry Christmas, we love you.” You ready to hear who designed this sweater? Racquel. Go to Buy it.