The Sweater Store Ugly Christmas Sweater Infomercial 2014 Part 2



I like to call this sweater the sweet tooth sweater. This would be the ideal sweater to give someone, you know, an aunt, an uncle, grandpa, grandma, that has type 2 diabetes. Because you know they can get the candy, they can get all of the wonderful sweet in the sweater without having to eat it. Each piece is it has its own special flavor, a lot like real candy does. Nothing says love like “Grandma, I love you. I think that you’re super sweet. Wear this sweater.” You know there’s beadwork, there is actual like foil material, that metallic material that has been hand-sewn into each piece of candy. It’s delicious. You’re going to want to eat it. I have never ever — other than the sweater that I woke up in and had, you know, chunks of candy sticking to me — I have never seen a sweater that actually incorporates real plastic into the sweater. When you feel it, it’s just like there is real candy stuck to you. It’s — it’s amazing. Really quick before we go, I want to show you is that on the back there is a piece of peppermint. And so as you’re leaving the party you know it’s like hey I’m still really really sweet even though the party is over. So come on over to the sweater store calm that’s all the time that I have you better log in quick all right you