The Sweater Store Infomercial 2014 Part 3


I love this sweater. we have Santa Claus, showing some leg on a bicycle. He’s wearing spandex shorts, he’s got his toys, he’s happy, he’s jolly, he’s St. Nick, you know Santa Claus. He’s listening to some tunes, he’s singing along. The wonderful thing about this this whole story — this whole chapter of this book — is that there’s another chapter. Ta-da! Chapter two. Santa while biking has crashed into a snowbank. He still has his headset on but you can see like he’s sticking his lip out, mmm. He’s not singing anymore because you know you shouldn’t be singing after you have a bicycle accident. This is an
important message about bike safety. On the front, on the first chapter, you see Santa he’s just being all carefree, he’s just like ah life is great, you know ho ho ho. Biking on ice is dangerous. Log onto, you’re gonna find twenty thousand other fantastic sweaters. You’re gonna find some really exciting things mmm-hmm.