2014 Ugly Christmas Sweater Infomercial Part 1



This is one of those really really special sweaters. It’s a glimpse into Santa’s workshop as he’s working. You’ve got the teddy bear, you’ve got mistletoe you’ve got a clock, you’ve got a little doll, you’ve got a little trumpet, a nice big long stocking, some mittens. We actually have a horse head. Santa is actually building a train. But the most exciting fantastic thing is Santa’s beard. This is genuine Santa Claus beard hair. I am NOT making this up folks. This is hair that has literally been taken from Santa Claus’ beard and meticulously painstakingly each curl has been hand-sewn in, woven into the sweater. Not a lot of other sweaters can say that — actually I don’t know of any. Most other sweaters they’ll have embellishments like this but it’s actually frayed acrylic, it’s actually alpaca, it’s actually lambs wool, it’s some kind of a fake impostor. Not this one. You want to win that Christmas sweater party? You wear Santa Claus’ beard hair, you’re gonna win. Go to TheSweaterStore.com, order yours today.