Stranger Things Inspiration







Jane “El” Hopper or better known as Eleven, goes through many style changes throughout the course of the series. From her hospital night gown, to her 80s patterned romper in Season 3, she keeps us on our toes for what fashion statement will come next!


Create this look with our Theo Geo Woven Button Up tied in a front knot, a pair of our Vintage Denim Jeans, a scrunchie for that 80s half ponytail, and some of our oval sunglasses


Jim Hopper, the chief of police in Hawkins and Eleven’s dad, brings out his true 80s tropical dad look for Season 3 and we’re all loving it. Even though he wears the same Hawaiian shirt in every episode, he looks good fighting crime in it.

This look can be created with our Faded Pink Hibiscus Button Up, a pair of Levi Vintage Denim Jeans, and some old school Aviator Sunglasses!


Mike Wheeler, the leader of the Stranger gang and now Eleven’s boyfriend, is a lot more grown up, with a sophisticated style and lots of stripes!


His look can be made with our Multicolored Stripe Button Up, a pair of our coveted Navy Corduroy Shorts, and a classic 80s Tan & Plaid Harrington Jacket.


Steve Harrington, a Hawkins heart throb has become one of the most beloved characters on the show because of his journey from jock to your local Ice Cream Scooper cutie. 

We do not carry his Scoops Ahoy look online, but we can help you create his classic jock look with a Grey Members Only Jacket, a Wide Kelso Striped Pocket Tee, a pair of Acid Wash Vintage Denim Jeans, and some black Wayfarer sunglasses.


Dustin Henderson, A.K.A. “Dusty” the nerdy, trustworthy, and fearless one of the bunch, always has the best graphic tees and trucker hats. 

If you are an adventurous person with a curious personality, then Dustin is your type of Halloween character. Create his look with our Steven Rhodes, Let’s Summon Demons Ringer Tee, some Khaki Twill Pull On Shorts, and our brand new White Castle Trucker Hat.


Lucas Sinclair, is the cool, risk-taker of the bunch, with a rad sense of style. He always has a back up plan and takes no crap from anyone. His look is a cross breed influenced by The Karate Kid and The Sandlot.


If you want to be Lucas for Halloween, snag a rare Vintage Nike Red, White, & Blue Mesh Tank, a Vintage Brown Corduroy Jacket, a pair of Vintage Levi’s Denizen Cut Off Shorts, and a Camo Bandana: a Lucas staple.


Nancy Wheeler, a fearless young lady, who stands up for what’s right and looks good while doing it. She can rock a cute vintage dress and tell it like it is or throw on some denim jeans and a button up shirt and fight some monsters.

Be a Nancy this Halloween in our Vintage Blue Sleeveless House Dress or check out our whole selection of Vintage Dresses.


Joyce Byers, A.K.A. crazy lady with the Christmas lights. Joyce was the first person to realize that Hawkins was corrupted by monsters once her kid Will went missing. In Season 3, she is getting over the loss of her boyfriend Bob, but becomes very close to Hopper while trying to solve Russian code maps.


If you like the ‘cool’ mom vibe then Joyce is the right choice for you. Create her look with your own string of Christmas lights, one of our Vintage Army Green Button Up Shirts, our Retro Striped Tie Front Sweater, and a pair of Vintage Light Washed Denim Jeans.


Maxine ‘Max’ Mayfield, the tomboy of the bunch, becomes Eleven’s best gal pal in Season 3 and takes her shopping to find the best 80s fits for El’s ‘new’ style!

You can create her look with our Rust & Olive Striped TeeVintage Light Washed Denim Shorts, our oh so cute Red Heart Sunglasses, and some sneakers!


Jonathan Byers, son of Joyce Byers and brother of Will Byers, is the quiet one of the bunch behind the camera. In Season 3, he is dating Nancy Wheeler and together they solve Hawkins mysteries. 


If you are shy and like to be behind the scenes, then Jonathan is your guy! Try a pair of our Vintage Corduroy Pants paired with a Vintage Striped Button Up Shirtsunglasses if you want to hide your expressive eyes, and a polaroid camera to document the strange events that take place.


Will Byers, the outsider of the friend group and the first one to be affected by the Mind Flayer. He sees things that the others don’t when the Mind Flayer is controlling him and this is what sets him apart. 


His sense of style is 80s classic with the short-shorts, knee high tube socks, and a standard striped tee. Create this look with a rare pair of our Nike Pinwheel Running Shorts,Striped Tee, and Old School Tube Socks!