What to Wear for a Valentine’s Day In

What to Wear for a Valentine’s Day In

by Madeline Berger
February 3, 2021

Like every other holiday we’ve ticked off our calendars over the past year, this Valentine’s Day will look a little different than the rest. So if you’re celebrating, whether you’re cooking dinner with your boo, Zooming with your pals, or cozying up with your favorite rom-com, staying comfortable is key. With a new collection of velvet shorts, soft tops, and sweet accessories, we’ve rounded up four ways to perfect your V-Day outfit this year.

Cute and Cozy Dolphin Shorts

Top: Vintage Flannel Shirt – price varies, Black Lace Seamless Top – $10.99; Bottom: Wine Velvet Dolphin Shorts – $9.99
Top: White Ribbed V-Neck Crop Top – $10.99; Bottom: Navy Velvet Dolphin Shorts – $9.99

Dolphin shorts, also known by some as “cake shorts” (because… you get it), are perfect for lounging around the house this Valentine’s Day. While super comfy, they’re also extremely cute (with a hint of ’70s flare!). Especially when they come in luxe fabrics like velvet!

Tie-Dye Sets

After seeing an all-time high this past spring and summer, tie-dye sweat sets are still trendy as all heck. Pick one up in a romantic hue to set the perfect mood (i.e. true love is great but ice cream and Bridgerton is better) this Valentine’s Day.

A Sweet Top

Having a Zoom date with friends this V-Day? Throw on a cute top to get in the spirit while keeping those sweatpants on!

Heart-Themed Accessories, Because Of Course

Trying to keep it really chill this year? Is your answer, “yes, literally what reason in the world do I have to get dressed up for this thing, especially in the year of staying-home-all-the-dang-time”? Feel that. Throw on a mask or set of earrings featuring a heart motif to check that box for the exactly right amount of effort.