Vintage Y2K Essentials

Vintage Y2K Essentials

by Joe Price
February 24, 2022

Haters will say “The year 2000 was only 22 years ago! It’s not vintage!”, but the real vintage lovers know anything over 20 years old qualifies as a vintage item. If you’re looking to partake in the current Y2K resurgence in an eco-friendly way, this list lays out vintage items that give any outfit the trending aesthetic. You’ll find that statement pieces, textures, and colors are key to creating an instantly recognizable Y2K look.

Our online vintage shop is full of 2000s era items, but if you would rather hunt for yourself, check out a Ragstock store near you. We also have TONS of new-in Y2K inspired tops, bottoms, accessories, and more in our newest decade collection. Shop Y2K fashion! Or simply head to our online vintage shop to check out new one-of-a-kind items added every day.

Vintage Leather Jackets

Live your Matrix fantasy! Leather jackets and coats had their moment at the turn of the century, making them instantly recognizable as a Y2K fashion emblem. Bonus points if it’s a leather trench. Lucky for you, we have hundreds of affordable vintage and recycled leather pieces in our stores and online.

Vintage Sweatshirts

The year 2000 was a great time for comfort. Celebs would regularly walk red carpets in sweatsuits without batting an eye (Juicy Couture anyone?). We need to normalize baggy, warm goodness once more! New vintage graphic sweatshirts are constantly being added to our site. Check ’em out!

Vintage Faux Fur Coats

Faux fur is a no-brainer Y2K staple thanks to the likes of Lindsay Lohan and the forever iconic Paris Hilton. You cannot deny the power you feel from throwing on some tiny tinted sunglasses, crop top, and fur trimmed jacket. A small dog, such as a Chihuahua, is the perfect accessory to this look. Unfortunately, we do not have any small dogs in stock.

Vintage + Recycled Cargo Shorts

Even Stevens fans will understand this one all too well. Fill your pockets to the brims with your iPod Nano, Cherry Chapstick, and flip phone. You can never have too much storage! These Y2K bottoms are another must-have on this list.

Vintage Denim Jackets

Even at the peak of fashion (the year 2000), denim jackets were still in style. But don’t stop at just the jacket– we also have vintage denim jeans, overalls, and bucket hats. All the makings for the perfect head-to-toe denim moment.

Vintage Harley Tees

Feeling hardcore? You don’t need to ride to take part in this grungy Y2K trend. Pile on the metallic accessories for a knock out Brangelina-era Harley look. We have the coolest collection of vintage Harley tees and tanks for you to scroll through.