Trending: Tie-Dye

Trending: Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye. It’s back, friend. And to be honest, it’s been back, if it ever left in the first place. While we’ve sang our praises for tie-dye tees and tie-dye fanny packs, nothing could have prepared us for the seemingly universal love that tie-dye hoodies raked in starting a few weeks into sheltering-in-place this past Spring. Was it the cozy nature of the thing? The small smile it brought to the wearer’s face while existing in a dumpster fire of a world? Did tie-dye hoodies gather widespread appeal because they just look so dang good on social media? 

It’s truly hard to say. What we do know, however, is that tie-dye hoodies are cooler than cool, and while we’re teetering on the edge of a sticky July, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll stay ice cold straight through your AC-filled summer and into the crisp months of fall 2020. Stick around for a walk-through some of our favorites, and click to shop!

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Pastel Rainbow

Shown: Pastel Rainbow Hoodie and Pastel Rainbow Joggers

Our Pastel Rainbow Tie-Dye Hoodie has been one of our favorite tie-dye hoodies on hand for the past few years—we love it because it’s a bit more subtle than your classic, Grateful Dead-era tie-dye but still manages to pack a mean punch. We were happy to bring in matching joggers when we were all (and maybe still are!) relegated inside during the height of the pandemic. Nothing like a super comfy outfit that’s also fun enough to force a smile on your weary face! 

Tie-Dye Joggers

Shown: Women’s graphic top (shop similar) and our Black Tie Dye Joggers

Feeling a bit more subtle? Our Black Tie Dye Joggers let you hop on the trend without going completely overboard. Throw on a colorful graphic tee (this one sold out, but you’re more than welcome to also go tie-dye-on-tie-dye) and add your favorite pair of shoes and you’re good to go. 

Classic with a Twist

Shown: Lava Lamp Tie Dye Shirt and model’s own pants

All of this indoor time has brought me really close to reintroducing a lava lamp or two back into my life. Am I the only one? Our Lava Lamp Tie Dye Shirt is a step outside the norm with it’s bright colors punctuated with strikes of black throughout—the perfect shirt to wear with a pair of khakis to keep the focus up top. Throw on a bucket hat for an extra bit of pizazz! 

Feelin’ Blue

Shown: Blue Rainbow Tie Dye Cropped Hoodie and Blue Rainbow Tie Dye Joggers

Surprisingly, we’ve never had matching tie-dye sweat sets until now! If you’re looking for something a little more tailored and a little less hardcore lounge, this set is great because the joggers are fairly close-fitting and the hoodie is cropped! Add a lightweight pair of sandals, a bucket hat to block out haters, and float away like the happy little cloud you are. 

Holographic Sunset

Shown: Pastel Tie Dye Cropped Hoodie and White Pearlized Windbreaker Shorts

If your #1 goal is to dazzle friends and foes with a dizzying display of colors straight from the perfect summer sunset, look no further. Our pastel tie-dye cropped hoodie works perfectly with our pearlized windbreaker shorts that also come in pink

Black & White & Denim

Shown: Black And White Tie Dye Hoodie

And finally, we’re here. Our most popular tie-dye sweatshirt! While we’re not exactly sure of the science behind the classic black and white tie-dye rising to the top, we know we love it because it pretty much goes with everything. Whether you throw it with a simple pair of jeans or mix and match patterns, this hoodie is bound to win you a like or two. 

Super Bright

Shown: Multi Rainbow Tie Dye Hoodie

And finally, what you may consider one of our more classic tie-dye hoodies. If you want to invest in a piece of tie-dye that’ll bring you through this wave of the trend as well as the next, our Multi Rainbow Tie-Dye Hoodie is your new best friend. It’s vivid, it’s bright, and the cloud wash is a welcomed modernization from the swirling ’70s psychedelia that’s potentially been the look scaring your from fully committing to this trend. Wear this hoodie with plain black bottoms to keep the focus where it should be. 

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