The Best Y2K Accessories

The Best Y2K Accessories

by Madeline Berger
February 10, 2022

For the majority of my adult life, ’80s and ’90s styles have ruled supreme as the multifaceted decades that inspired most modern-day fashion trends. In recent years, however, we’ve seen bits of the early aughts creep back towards the mainstream. Does Y2K fashion reincarnate send a shiver down your Millenial spine? Perhaps your Gen Z eyes are witnessing low-rise jeans and ultra-thin eyebrows for the first, wondrous time. Either way, Y2K trends are here to stay. One way you can work the often loud, playful, and *sometimes* gaudy looks into your everyday outfit is through the magic ingredient that many forget—accessories! Y2K accessories are back in a big way, and the great thing is that a huge variety of styles fall into the decade. The 2000s saw everything from rimless sunglasses to mini hair clips and nostalgia-inducing earrings. Scroll on for our roundup of the best Y2K accessories to rock, all found at Ragstock!

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Rimless Ombre Rectangle Sunglasses | $9.99

Rimless sunglasses

Think 2000s-era Paris Hilton, Lil’ Kim, and Justin Timberlake. Look for sunglasses that forego the front of the frame and focus on color gradients and rectangular, oversized, or aviator-style lenses. Our Rimless Ombre Rectangle Sunglasses fit the bill just right.

Y2K Star Seed Bead Necklace | $8.99

Bright, Beaded Necklaces

Colorful beaded necklaces are back in a big way, often featuring a smattering of seed beads alongside larger, fun shapes. Y2K-style necklaces often call forth feelings of childhood and jewelry made and shared between friends on a parent’s family room floor in 2003. Sparkly nail polish abounds and Fruit Roll-Ups are enthusiastically consumed. Feel me? Anyway, look for necklaces like our Smiley Face Seed Bead Necklace or the one pictured here, our Y2K Star Seed Bead Necklace.

Heart Lollipops Drop Earrings | $8.99

Candy-esque Earrings

I can’t think of an accessory much cuter than heart-shaped lollipop earrings, can you? Y2K earrings can take many forms, including those featuring 2000s motifs such as butterflies, mushrooms, stars, or smiley faces. Others, like the pair featured here, showcase colorful translucent shapes that almost look good enough to eat.

Sage Yin Yang Socks | $7.99

Y2K Prints on Socks

Y2k socks peeked above platform sneakers, mary janes, and combat boots. Look for pairs featuring the patterns and imagery that reigned supreme in the early aughts, like butterflies, flames, daisies, or yin-yangs, the symbol representing the Chinese Taoism philosophy of yin and yang, which has taken many forms in popular Western culture throughout the decades.

Mini Floral Hair Clip Set | $4.99

Mini Floral Hair Clip Set

If there’s one thing to remember from the approach to Y2K jewelry, it’s that maximalism is everything. Why use one or two clips to hold your overgrown bangs back when you could use ten instead? Wear mini clips along your hairline as a functional accessory, and experiment with different numbers on one or both sides of your part.

Butterfly Embroidered Denim Frayed Brim Bucket Hat | $18.99

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were big in the ’90s and didn’t go anywhere when the new millennium swung around. Look for bucket hats with embroidered icons like butterflies and smiley faces, or dive into the furry bucket hat trend that’s been everywhere this past year.

Green Wavy Checkered Hair Clip | $5.99

Colorful Barrettes

Alongside mini hair clips, barrette-style clips were also big in the 2000s. Look for ones featuring bold prints like checkers, which were everywhere in the early aughts. Our Wavy Checkered Hair Clip comes in four colors!

Clear Smiley Face Claw Clip | $4.99

Claw Clips

Another hair clip? Most definitely—Y2K fashion is all about them. While little clips have definitely had their time to shine during the decade’s trends, nothing comes close to the rise of the claw clip! Celebrities and common folk like us have all been swooping our hair up with oversized clips, which come in all kinds of colorful colors and patterns. Our new favorite is our smiley face claw clip, which hits the Y2K accessories trends with the double punch of featuring decade-appropriate smiley faces.

And just like that, our roundup of top Y2K accessories comes to a close. Want to keep shopping? Continue your scroll to check out all of our newest accessories, or hit the button below to visit our new favorite spot to hang, our Y2K Fashion hub!