Spring Preview

Spring Preview

While for some of us it may feel like Spring is light years away, I’m here to report that we are so much closer than we think. Whether you’re dressing to match those first Spring blooms or itching to scout out those perfect festival pieces, we’ve rounded up a few of the biggest trends we know we’ll be seeing as the snow melts away and the sun shines nice ‘n’ bright once again.

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Leopard print has been cute again for the last few seasons (when is it not, really), and it’s not going anywhere. From animal-print mesh tops to über fun windbreakers, we’re seeing leopard print both as an accent or all-over print. Some consider animal prints to be a neutral—what say thee?


Pastels are for Easter, right? Wrong. These gentle counterparts to their color wheel cousins are a Spring classic for good reason—they represent renewal, rebirth, and fresh starts. Is it just me that feels like I could float up into the sky when I’m wearing a pastel? It is? That’s fine. Expect to see much more of this shade range, as it’s also found in lots of 2000s trends that are all the rage atm.


We’re all about having the best time at festivals, and it’s virtually impossible to have the maximum amount of fun possible without wearing something holographic, shiny, glittery, or otherwise ridiculously eye catching. This season, however, we’re seeing more tassels entering the picture, adding movement to an already light-shifting surface.


The stripe affair continues, and for good reason—stripes are, I would argue, the perfect pattern: both playful and classic, they call back to decades past while simultaneously pushing at the present. We’re bringing in a fresh new set for the coming season, from polos to palazzos.