Regram Roundup #5


Rompers, fanny packs, and classic Hawaiian shirts. We’re feeling the June heat and so are you!
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(rg @kylie_jade15) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

@kylie_jade15 wears our ultra-versatile maxi dress and shorts in a summery floral that perfectly fits her surroundings of palm trees and sunshine.

Saturday night vibes w/ vintage denim jackets (rg @katrina_hong) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

@katrina_hong hangs out at one of our favorite spots, the storefront of our Wicker Park store in Chicago. Wearing a vintage denim jacket draped off the shoulder, it would be tough to look more cool-girl than her.

(rg @Pedrossier) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

@Pedrossier rocks an Olive Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt at the perfect place for one: Coachella 2018. With layered necklaces and only a single button closed, we’re all about the summer af vibes radiating off of our screens.

When it’s already Friday ⚡️ (rg @emi.seeley) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

If you didn’t know already, there’s nothing like a classic black fanny pack@emi.seeley only proves our point. Slung low over a pair of tailored tiny gingham pants and plain black crop top like this one, this look is ready for anything.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ (rg @adiellee) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Vintage denim overalls are one of those great items that can be dressed up or down, and @adiellee has found that sweet spot between the two. Between the vintage-inspired stripes, simple chain and sharp glasses, we’re loving his elegant spin on overalls.

Floral Friday 🌻 (rg @Bellaszarran) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

@Bellaszarran wears a tube top floral romper (here’s the same one in black) with a complementary leather jacket layered on top. Where did she find the perfect bed of flowers? I wish I could tell you.

Gearing up for the weekend 🏁 (rg @kristinatidaback) A post shared by Ragstock (@ragstock) on

Looking for the ultimate sunglasses for 106-degree temperatures and revving engines? @kristinatidaback has you covered. The Indy 500 has never looked cooler, aided, of course, by the likes of a classic black tube top.

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