Uploaded Today: Vintage Sweatshirts

Uploaded Today: Vintage Sweatshirts

by Madeline Berger
January 14, 2021

Vintage Sweatshirts have been cool for decades, and definitely got even more popular when we all took to ultimate comfort during the past year of increased stay-at-home time. While we’ve had a great selection of vintage sweatshirts available in stores and online for a while, we recently got our hands on a seriously solid collection of vintage sweatshirts with everything from authentic ’90s cartoons to commemorative sporting events and coveted brands like Adidas and Calvin Klein.

Scroll down for a peek at some of our newest favorites and click to shop! To see the rest, head to the bottom of this page or here to shop all of our vintage sweatshirts.

I Don’t Thinks So Tweety Sweatshirt

This oversized Tweety sweatshirt has enough sass to get you through the day, especially with the worldwide dumpster fire currently smoldering.

Let’s Get Physically Fit Sweatshirt

So, how about that new year’s resolution? Perhaps instead of hopping on the treadmill yourself, you could buy this sweatshirt to motivate others. Good deed check!

Three Puppies Sweatshirt

What’s better than one puppy? Three puppies. What’s better than a sweatshirt? This vintage Three Puppies Sweatshirt, of course.

Chihuahua Face Sweatshirt

What’s better than a Three Puppies Sweatshirt? This new Chihuahua Face Sweatshirt includes both a cute doggo head and a chunk of Chihuahua trivia.

Hawaii Palms Sweatshirt

Wishing you were reclining on a sun-soaked Hawaiian beach right now? Is your answer “duh”? Wear this sweatshirt instead and bask in the glow of your Netflix marathon.

Atlanta Olympics 1996 Sweatshirt

At this point in time, it sounds like the 2021 Olympics in Japan is a go. In celebration, grab this Atlanta 1996 Olympics sweatshirt to commemorate the sporty days pre-worldwide pandemic.