Ragstock Gift Guide

Need a little help this holiday season? Scroll on for a roundup of some of our favorite gifts, from the coziest sweaters to the cutest coloring book!

Some may say that there is no better gift than something cute and cozy. Also, nothing feels better than someone putting on your gift right after they receive it, which will undeniably happen if you pick up one of our newest sweaters! Also perfect for a little self-gifting, if you know what we mean.

What’s maybe better than something cute and cozy? If you’re from Minnesota, something cute and cozy boasting First Avenue and 7th St. Entry! Our exclusive collaboration with the famous music venue has taken form in the perfect sweater this season.

From the practical anorak to that of-the-moment teddy coat, we have tons of affordable jackets to keep your loved ones warm!

Seriously adorable, our first fanny pack designed completely in-house will demand a resounding “AWWWW” from the room. With two remaining dog breeds available, these cute-as-heck Pupper Packs will woo whoever takes them home.

Shopping for that vintage-loving sibling? That hipster bff? Get them a one-of-a-kind vintage 80s sweater from our vast selection and have them coming to you for all future fashion tips.

We created a coloring book inspired completely by our own selection of ugly Christmas sweaters. With all proceeds going to Toys For Tots, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving! 

None of these options suiting your fancy? You’re in luck: we’ve saved the best gift for last. Pick up a gift card and receive a bonus gift card for yourself!