old ragstock tv commercial with bats flying over an orange logo

Our Halloween Commercials: An Old-School Roundup

Our Halloween Commercials:
An Old-School Roundup

We’ve been around for a while, guys (since 1954, to be exact!), and every year Halloween truly  brings us back to our roots. It is, after all, what we first started with in our original downtown Minneapolis warehouse. 

Anyway! We found a few archived commercials we made from when people still watched actual TV. Scroll down for clips from 1986, 2007, and 2010 and catch a blast from the past!

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This commercial was produced specifically for our prime spot on State Street in Madison, WI—still one of our busiest locations during Halloween! 


From our ’90s logo to the Napoleon Dynamite costume, this commercial has 2007 written all over it. 


How many flames is too many flames? The limit does not exist. 


This video is not owned by us, we just love it—it’s something we found on Youtube from a user called RWF Motion. Do we condone the concept of pulverizing anyone who doesn’t dress up for Halloween? No! Maybe…

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