Our Favorite Halloween Costumes

Our Favorite Halloween Costumes

It’s only a few days until Halloween, people! And if you’re anything like me, you still have to get a move on when it comes to your costume. We’ve been creating Halloween looks for the last couple of months and picked a few of our favorites to help you put together yours. Get inspired and shop your spooky hearts out, or head straight to our Halloween shop by clicking the button below! 

Wild Cats

Whether you’re out to reimagine the broadway hit or want to put all of your trendy animal prints to use this Halloween, we have everything you need to transform into a timeless—nay—classic! large cat of your choosing. If you’re looking to go all in, pick up an item like our leopard print catsuit, classic leopard bodysuit, or our just-in rainbow leopard sweater and pair it with some feline accessories (in stores only!). If you’re looking to head straight from the office, pick up our tiger button up (a staff favorite!). Throw on one of our vintage faux fur coats and you’re ready to hit the (wait for it) catwalk. 

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Here For It Tourist

Maybe you’ve been rewatching some National Lampoon or looking to channel your dad that one time your family went to Disneyworld in ’98. A tourist is a great go-to Halloween costume because it holds two key characterists: it is 1) easily recognizable, because nobody enjoys the ‘ol “…so what are you?” and 2) quickly and successfully be constructed by rifling through a closet or two (or visiting your local Ragstock). Pick up a new Hawaiian shirt if you have a group (tons of coordinating opportunity!) or check out our sweet selection of vintage Hawaiian shirts instead. Add a fanny pack, bucket or dad hat, and Polaroid camera and call it a costume. Add thick-cuffed jeans (or if you can stand the cold, shorts) and chunky sneakers to complete the look. 

Let's Get Physical

We’ve prided ourselves on our ’80s focus since the actual ’80s, which is why you’re met with nylon and spandex in every color of the rainbow when you enter on of our locations. We gave the classic Jane Fonda/’80s workout power look an update with our tie-dye leggings as a base and our Let’s Get Physical costume layered on top (in stores only!). The costume comes with this bright and bold bodysuit and a headband, but feel free to go above and beyond with any colorful, chunky jewelery you can find, sweat bands wherever you can put ’em, and legwarmers. All of these items can also be found in our stores, so get movin’!

Horses In the Back

It’s the year of Lil Nas X, the infamous Area 51 raid, and possibly the most legit UFO sightings we’ve seen yet. What better time, then, to dress the part! While few of us can pull of the wild looks of Lil Nas X as well as he does, we can do our best to take inspo from his killer outfits in Old Town Road and build a cowboy look from a vintage button up, a suede vest, and a killer cowboy hat (in stores only). Alternatively, go the alien route! We have a million options for you. Build the above look with some holographic pieces and/or some metallic, pick up an alien bopper headband (in stores only) and pile on some crazy makeup.  

Spooky Sweater Weather

Want to join in the Halloween festivities but skip the actual costume part? Avoid being chastised by your friends by picking up one of our vintage Halloween sweaters! They’re cozy, they’re colorful, and they all involve AT LEAST one Halloween motif that will assure people that you at least considered trying this year. Alternate scenario: want to bring a bit of cheer to the office on the 31st and dodge judgmental looks when you go for an extra large fistful of candy corn? Boom. Vintage Halloween Sweater.