Just In: March 26, 2018


Florals, fruity patterns, and retro-inspired everything filled our warehouse this week! Sorry not sorry for giving you one more reason to refresh your wardrobe. Scroll through some of our favorites and click to shop!

Hawaiian-Kimono-1 Hawaiian Print Kimono, $21.99 Denim-Tie-Button-Dress-2 Chambray Button-Front Dress, $15.99 Ruffle-Shoulder-Maxi-Dress-1 Floral Ruffled Shoulder Maxi Dress, $22.99 Strawberry-Knot-Tee-Yellow-2 Mustard Knot-Front Strawberry Tee, $9.99 Silver-Cracked-Metallic-C-ami-2 Cracked Silver Metallic Cami, $14.99 Flutter-Sleeve-Tie-Romper-4 Flutter Sleeve Tie-Front Romper, $19.99 Zip-Front-Denim-Skirt-1 Black Zip Front Denim Skirt, $29.99 Burgundy-Sport-Hoodie-Dress-1 Burgundy Sport Hoodie Dress, $15.99 Lined-Mesh-Dress-5 Lined Mesh Dress, $12.99 Stripe-90's-Zip-Dress-1 Striped 90s Dress with Zipper, $29.99