How to Wear Vintage Denim Jeans

How to Wear Vintage Jeans in 2019

So, you’ve seen the street style photos, scoured the aisles, and finally found your perfect pair of vintage denim jeans. They’re perfectly worn in, high-waisted, perhaps even fall within the famed “mom jean” territory—and you have no idea how to wear them. OR! Maybe you’ve been rocking vintage denim for years and feel like it’s finally the season to mix it up. Either way, we feel you. And we dug through all the ways we’ve styled denim bottoms on our models throughout the last year to give you *drumroll, please* fifteen different ways to wear vintage denim!

1. Cinch your denim jeans with a belt and add heeled boots, a basic crop top, and a longline blazer.

2. Add suspenders to instantly make your denim stand out from the crowd. 

3. Layer up with the fabric of the season: corduroy!

4. Tuck in your favorite vintage t-shirt and shoe string belt. Add lace-up Vans 

5. Pair a cropped striped sweater with your acid-washed jeans for a little pattern mixing!

6. Take your pair of white vintage jeans past labor day with an autumnal-colored button up shirt. 

7. Pair your jeans with a slouchy fair isle sweater for the perfect winter outfit. 

8. We love a pair of straight-cut vintage denim with a tucked in graphic tee and wide belt.

9. Add thick cuffs to your jeans and top if off with a polo shirt for some serious ’80s vibes.

10. Wear your jeans with a cropped sweatshirt for a bit of skater punk. 

11. We love the simple pairing of vintage denim with your favorite fall sweater.

12. Let the denim wash do the talking with solid top.

13. With a super acid-washed pair, wear a bold and graphic top for an overall ’90s look.

14. Another sweater look, but this one is closer-fitting!

15. Wear your vintage denim with a crop top and oversized flannel for a super cozy look.