how to wear cowboy boots. two models pose in boots.

How to Wear Cowboy Boots

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How to Wear Cowboy Boots

by Joe Price
January 6, 2021

Ready to make a statement that says ‘yeehaw’? Saddle up, it’s time to hop on the wester fashion trend that will be taking over 2021. There is no boot more powerful than that of the cowboy. If you’ve ever clomped down the aisles of a grocery store in a pair of them, you understand this concept. But if you’re unsure how to wear cowboy boots, you’ve come to the right place; your grocery store clomping is yet to come!

We’ve wrangled up 10 great ways to style your cowboy boots. Don’t have a pair? Check out our selection of vintage cowboy boots here. Category is: casual cowboy!

woman wears mini dress and cowboy boots in a parking lot.
Credit: Shelly Stuckman

1. Keep it country with a gingham or plaid mini dress layered over a plain white tee. Add in your favorite shades and a choker for maximum clomping power. 

man poses with one leg up, showing off his cowboy boots and leather jacket.
Credit: Jon The Gold

2. Go for a simple 70s look: a leather jacket, light washed jeans, and a vintage tee. Show off those boots by tucking your pants inside of them.

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woman rides a longboard in cowboy boots and oversized vintage Harley Davidson shirt.
Credit: @sister.sister_threads

3. An oversized vintage t-shirt is all you need to make cowboy boots look great. Understated, but full of personality! A wide brimmed straw hat is a perfect addition to this three piece get up. 

Woman stands on mountain with her eyes shut, wearing button up, shorts, and cowboy boots.
Credit: Jacky

4. You don’t need to go full on rodeo clown to get a little country with it! This is a perfect example. Just a button-up tucked into some cut-off denim shorts. Oh, and a cowboy hat for good measure.

man poses on the sidewalk wearing baggy pants and cowboy boots.
Credit: Jon The Gold

5. Who knew wearing a turtleneck and palazzo pants with cowboy boots was such a serve? Jon did. The tips of the boots peeking out from under those beautiful baggy pants is…*chef’s kiss*.

woman poses with leg in the air, wearing cow print cowboy hat, firing top, chicken purse, and cowboy boots.
Credit: Suzi West

6. There is nothing wrong with going 100% Texas with your cowboy boots, in fact, it’s encouraged. Pile on that fringe. Grab that chicken purse of yours, too.

woman poses on the sidewalk in cowboy boots.
Credit: Jacky

7. Trench coats are another predicted trend for 2021. Wear one over a hoodie and a long pleated skirt with cowboy boots for a comfortable and casual look.

woman poses in parking garage in cowboy boots.
Credit: @Arakiyukika

8. Bring a little country to the city by styling your cowboy boots with a simple black skirt and a bright sweater. Adding cow print accessories is a fun and subtle nod to the wild west. 

man with purple hair wears trench coat, distressed jeans, and boots.
Credit: @02_pur_ple

9. We love to see this trench coat paired with distressed jeans and a statement belt. It’s just what a pair of cowboy boots needs to sparkle.

Woman poses against the wall wearing an extravagant outfit with cowboy boots.
Credit: Lotta-Liina Love

10. Taylor Swift, is that you? Cowboy boots are the perfect shoe to wear with those statement pieces in the back of your closet. Take that fashion risk! 

That’s all folks! We hope these outfits gave you a little more inspiration on how to wear these beautiful boots. Now, run like the wind to grab yourself a pair of vintage cowboy boots right here at Ragstock. Just click the link below! Hurry back now, ya hear?