How to Wear Beanies

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How to Wear Beanies

by Madeline Berger
December 23, 2020

While most people know that a beanie can be donned simply by plunking it on top of your coconut, you’re here because you’re looking to delve deeper: you want to know *how* to wear a beanie—how to style not only the literal beanie itself on top of your head (there are multiple ways, mind you) but also how to pair your beanie with an outfit that will make all those with naked noggins turn frosty blue with envy. Paired with the tailored and monochromatic? Mixed with patterns? Full-on sweatsuit? Beanies are your cranium’s BFFL in more ways than you ever thought possible.

We’ve prowled social media and the fashionable folk at to build a collection of twelve different ways the coolest of the cold are styling their beanies in 2021. Want to find one of your own? Shop Ragstock’s collection of beanies right here.

man wearing a beanie in a field
Credit: @onlymakmill

1. Start off simple with a graphic tee, and layer it under a comfy corduroy shirt in a neutral color. Find a beanie that plays off a color in your graphic and throw it on to automatically pull your look even more together.

woman wearing a beanie and sweatshirt on the subway
Credit: @oliviabynature

2. Breath new life into your #aesthetic vintage pullover by keeping it clean with light-colored pants and an extra soft monochromatic beanie. Throw on some dainty jewelry and combat boots for a bit of balance in both directions.

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man wearing a beanie standing by a wall
Credit: Kevin Elezaj

3. Saving your jersey for game day? Reconsider! Throw on some slacks, layer a solid long-sleeve underneath and top your look with a matching beanie. Kevin upped the cool factor even more by cuffing his beanie another time over.

woman wearing a beanie and smiling
Credit: @courtneysteeves

4. Nothing says cozy like your favorite thermal, an oversized corduroy jacket and a coordinating beanie. Courtney stuck to warm tones throughout for a look that’s begging for a good snuggle.

woman standing on stairs wearing a beanie and long skirt
Credit: Miriam Mibao

5. We’re notching it up, folks. Use your beanie (with a pom on top!) as one element in a look that plays with occasion, texture, and pattern. It’ll act as a finishing touch and make any top-to-bottom outfit feel a bit more intentional.

Credit: @smeshit

6. Have a layered look that showcases some darker tones and weightier fabrics? Add a light-colored beanie to lighten your look and add a bit of height to pieces that absorb light or draw your eyes downward.

person wearing a beige beanie and long checkered coat
Credit: Nastia Poberezhna

7. Nastia gives us a classic beanie look: use an oversized plaid coat as a focal point and pull colors for your top, pants, and beanie. It’s a warm and put-together look that’ll automatically give off a cool commuter vibe.

person leaving against a street light wearing a beanie and coveralls
Credit: Lauren Recchia

8. Add a playful element and slight ski bunny vibes to a coverall by topping your look with a beanie (make sure you have good height!) and matching boots. In three pieces, you’ve built a polished look that’s ready for anything.

person wearing a bright pink beanie and neon sweatshirt

9. Give ’em neon on neon by pairing a highlighter-brite sweater or sweatshirt with a neon beanie in a contrasting tone. Pair with neutral colors to give a one-two punch to any outfit and revive a neon piece you’re otherwise sick of.

person wearing a beanie and bright sweater while jumping
Credit: Lilian A

10. Give moto-chic pieces like a leather mini and fishnet tights a knitwear hug by pairing them with a rainbow (or otherwise colorful!) sweater. Soften the look even more with a cozy beanie and unbrushed hair.

Person wearing a beanie and hooded sweatshirt while flipping a couple of birds
Credit: @zaargoedemans

11. Are you that punk hanging outside the gas station? Thought so. Give your sneakers, jeans and a hoodie a final touch by throwing on any beanie and whipping your hood above it. Snug as a bug in a too-cool-for-school rug.

person wearing a bright orange jacket and grey beanie
Credit: Andre Tan

12. One beanie look that has yet to be addressed: The Slouch. Uncuff the bottom of your beanie and push the whole thing farther back on your head. It’s a perfect look for any jacket or top that needs a bit of laid-back cool.

Well, kids, there you have it: twelve whole ways to wear beanies no matter what your age or personal style. Feeling ready to top your noggin with the best beanie looks out there? Refresh your collection with one of our many beanies or check out our newest addition: vintage hats!