How to Wear a Baja Hoodie

How to Wear a Baja Hoodie

Listen: we love a good Baja Hoodie. Sometimes, thought, they can be hard to style in fresh, new ways. Below, we’ve found 18 prime examples from the good people of Instagram on how to extend your drug rug’s wearing potential to outside the central location of That ’70s Show.

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In a pile of leaves

Have a colorful Baja hoodie that blends in nicely with the surrounding foliage? You and the turning trees were made for each other.

On the street for an OOTD shoot

Loving this über-70s/80s baja hoodie throwback snapped in Osaka, Japan.

In a chilly parking lot

when you really just want something big and cozy.

Baja hoodies first graced our presence in the USA in the 1970s, when surfers began bringing them back from their trips to Baja California and the surrounding area. Surfers (and those aspiring to be) wore them as beachwear in cool weather because they’re easy to slip on and dry relatively quickly. Called ‘sudadera de jerga’ in Mexico, they are typically worn casually by young people.

With some cool graffiti and a rental bike

This purple drug rug compliments @reignchecked‘s Insta-worthy wall perfectly.

Drinking Squirt and nerding out

…in the best way possible, and next to your Hawaiian shirt-wearing friend.

With a killer pose

@missbicks works this Baja hoodie with the perfect amount of casual cool.

Anywhere with your BFF

#twinning is even better in a drug rug.

When it's a day for #beardbaubles

…and your Christmas tree equals your beard, captured by @meganqm1 featuring a rasta Baja hoodie.

In the mountains of Utah.

Just you, the sky, and your drug rug.

On a stroll with your pup

…and taking in a moment of quiet time.

At the Skylight Tree Cave.

Don’t forget the crystals and mushrooms!

In Jersey

with the bros

On the road again

No better road trip attire than a pair of cargos and a Baja hoodie, amirite?

In the laundromat.

Look at you—adult AF!

A perfect alternate universe

…where you’re living a dog’s life.