How to Wear a Baja Hoodie

How to Wear a Baja Hoodie: 18 Places to Wear a Drug Rug That Aren't Your Parents' Basement

We love a good Baja hoodie, but let's be honest, they do have a certain rep. Below, we've found 18 prime examples from the good people of Instagram on how to extend your drug rug's wearing potential to outside the central location of That '70s Show. Want to skip straight to the goods? Find all of our Baja hoodies here!

In a pile of leaves.

Have a colorful Baja hoodie that blends in nicely with the surrounding foliage? You and the turning trees were made for each other.

With some cool graffiti and a rental bike.

This purple drug rug compliments @reignchecked's Insta-worthy wall perfectly.

Drinking Squirt and nerding out the best way possible, and next to your Hawaiian shirt-wearing friend.

With a killer smize.

missbicks works this Baja hoodie with the perfect amount of casual cool.

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The Thompson Twins.

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Anywhere with your BFF

#twinning is even better in a drug rug.

When it's a day for #beardbaubles

...and your Christmas tree equals your beard, captured by @meganqm1 featuring a rasta Baja hoodie.

In the mountains of Utah.

Just you, the sky, and your drug rug.