From the Archives: a ’90s Ragstock Photoshoot

From the Archives: a ’90s Ragstock Photoshoot

by Madeline Berger
January 29, 2021

Last week we got our vintage-loving hands on a set of photos—this set of photos—and just had to share them. Taken mostly on the rooftop of our Lakeview, Chicago store on West Belmont Ave in 1995-1996, this shoot features a group of extremely ’90s-looking models wearing so many of the hallmark trends we still love (and sell!) today. From grungy Canadian tuxedos to surplus military and cami dresses, scroll on for an image series of true Ragstock ’90s fashion that, if you’re anything like us, will seriously make you drool. Then go shop, because you just have to after witnessing photos like this.

Prom season? Yes please. We’ve loved vintage dresses since we could first get our hands on them.

Ragstock was started way back in the ’50s, when ‘used clothes’ were barely a thing and the style was far from cool. Our first store was a big warehouse in downtown Minneapolis, complete with giant bins of treasures and anything-goes Halloween costume inspiration. Over the next few decades, we opened up stores around the Midwest, mostly in college cities and towns where we knew kids would want a fun, affordable place to buy whatever weird stuff they were looking for. Today, our Chicago stores in Lakeview and Wicker Park still have some of our coolest vintage pieces.

Sooo much denim-on-denim action happening here. Can’t go wrong with a plain black or white tee underneath!
A pinnacle of ’90s fashion comebacks—layering a slim-cut tee under a cami dress.
Bad to the bone in these very ’80s dresses
Killer shoe options—clogs and combat boots are great with cami dresses!
I spy two vintage Hawaiian shirts and a whole bunch of vintage denim cutoffs.
Military surplus—one of the main trends that started it all. We’ve stocked these sweet, bizarro gas masks for decades.
More military surplus. Take note of the footwear, crossed arms, and two small dogs.
And just like that, we’ve reached the end.

Feeling nostalgic even if you’re not actually a ’90s kid? We get it. Fill the void by shopping our vintage section online or visiting the store where this particular magic happened.