Four Fresh Takes on the Flannel Shirt


It’s about to be the most wonderful time of the year: the opening of flannel season. It’s true, you can wear a flannel shirt on a summer evening or during the first light of a brisk morning in spring, but listen up: the beginning of autumn is the magical time of year where flannel shirts are pulled out of storage boxes with the love reserved for only the cutest of puppies. Here are five ways to break into the best time of year with new takes on the classic flannel shirt.

Long and Unbuttoned

With an oversized flannel shirt or one specifically cut to tunic-length, leave it flowing and open to add a dynamic top layer to your outfit. Bonus points for mixing textures such as Jules did above with a cropped velvet tee and one of our button-up flannel tunics.

Over Overalls

Throw your favorite flannel (like this navy and red plaid) over distressed overalls to create way more visual interest than your go-to flannel and jeans situation. Later in the day, tie the flannel around your waist to add definition and break up the head-to-toe lines of your overalls.

Dramatic Tie and Rich Folds of Fabric

Yearning to add a fun and flirty twist to an earth-toned flannel shirt? Leave the last few buttons unbuttoned and tie in a loose knot right above your natural waist. Pair with a high-rise denim skirt as Jordan did above, or slide into a pair of lowrise jeans (they’re back, be warned) and let the early 2000s you shine bright like a diamond.

Flannel + Tube Top = Magic

The contrast between the shoulder-baring, summer-loving nature of a tube top and the grungy vibe of a flannel shirt is one that we’re here for. By layering a slightly oversized flannel over a tube top and mini skirt, you’re telling the world that you can rock both sides of 90s tween aesthetic.

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