DIY Denim Jacket Ideas

DIY Denim Jacket Ideas

10 Ways to Alter this Fashion Staple

So, you have a denim jacket. Maybe you even have a big, cool, vintage denim jacket. Either way, you’re here because you want to make it a little more interesting. To help you out a bit, we’ve rounded up ten different ways to paint, distress, cut up, and totally remix your denim jacket. Scroll through the DIY denim jacket ideas below!

1. Distress your denim jacket

To look like you’ve put your jacket through the ringer, all you’ll need is a knife (be safe!), some sandpaper, and a denim jacket. 

2. Crop it and add a frayed hem

Make this trendy alteration by chopping off the bottom of your oversized denim jacket. 

3. Bleach your denim jacket

Going for that ’90s punk look? Just take a mid-toned blue jacket and soak it in diluted bleach!

4. Customize with paint

Painting your jacket is a solid way to up its unique factor. This step-by-step guide is just beautiful!

5. Dye a totally different color

This tutorial comes in two parts, bleaching and then dyeing. Make sure your sound is turned down for the beginning!

6. Add your own sherpa lining

We love how Wendy shows an easy way to turn a vintage denim jacket into a lookalike of one of our most coveted styles. 

7. Make your own fringed denim jacket

Or watch how Wendy creates the perfect festival look for transitional weather by adding fringe!

8. Switch up the sleeves

Mixing fabric is a great way to make a basic piece of clothing more interesting. Also, cozy sleeves are the best. 

9. Combine your hoodie and denim jacket

Get a two-in-one look by adding the sleeves and hood from a hoodie to an old denim jacket. 

10. Add unique patches to your jacket

Perhaps the easiest way to customize your jacket: add patches! Skip to the beginning of the video to see some  

Hopefully you’ve found a bit of inspiration with these 10 DIY denim jacket ideas! If you end up using any of them, make sure to tag us @ragstock so we can see!