Costume Content Winners!

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Finally, it’s here: the winners of our Halloween Costume Contest! You guys had tons of great submissions and it was a super tough call, so we’ve decided to name three runner-ups as well. Read on to see which were our faves, and big thanks to all of you who entered! 

GRAND PRIZE: Space Age Fam with @evamariejo
@evamariejoe and her family blew us away with a super cute group costume featuring full-on silver space suits (as you guys know, we love our metallics!). This alien fam got down to the details with green body paint, laser guns, and the most precious martian baby around. Congrats, Eva!
FUNNIEST/SCARIEST: Carrie! by @thebrentwolff
We loved this iconic costume created by Brent, who dressed as the leading lady from classic horror film Carrie, to which he bears a bone-chilling resemblance. With a costume purchased completely from Ragstock (brownie points!), details from the prom sash to the copious amounts of blood to the troubled expression really take this look to the next level.
MOST CREATIVE: Harry and Marv by @janecanephotography
The bad guys from Home Alone are back with a vengeance and all the battle wounds to prove it. We loved how Amanda Jane captured this group costume not only because we can clearly see how awesome her details are, from the spider to the hand burn, but also because the photo was taken at night with flash to make it extra spoopy!
MOST CUTE: Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky by @nbonaccio
Who else is still in love with this duo from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom? Nick beckoned a collective “awww” from Ragstock office staff with cute touches like the ‘coon hat, potentially functional binoculars, and Suzy’s blue eyeshadow!
Again, thanks to all who entered our first Halloween Costume Contest! Stay tuned for your next chance to win—it’s coming up sooner than you’d expect!