Your 2022 College Game Day Style Guide

Your 2022 College Game Day Style Guide

23rd Sep 2022

Your 2022 College Game Day Style Guide

By Drew Bouman

Sept 23, 2022

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You just got off of Bama Rush Tok, the weather is getting chilly, the leaves are starting to turn, pumpkin spice is taking over your local coffee shops and you can’t scroll more than three TikToks without seeing someone post about the new Trader Joe's harvest sauce or whatever.

It’s fall, baby. But it's not just fall, it's also back to school and back to game day. Which, let’s be honest, football fan or not, college game day is one of the best parts of going back to school every fall.

Back to game day also means a whole new season of game day ‘fits that need to be put together. Never fear my fashionable friends, Ragstock is well versed in college game day trends, and we’re here to help.

Welcome to Ragstock’s top five game day outfit ideas with a little extra vintage spice.


These are known by many names around the Midwest, and are a game day staple. You may know them as Gopheralls, Badger Bibs, or just plain overalls. No matter how you know them, there is no denying their presence on game day.

But where’s the fun in dressing like everyone else?

Here’s where Ragstock comes in. The bibs on their own are pretty sweet, but layer a vintage t-shirt or crew neck under your bibs, and you take them to the next level. Not to mention it turns the basic style into a one-of-a-kind look. Imagine this vintage Rose Bowl crew under your Badger Bibs this fall; talk about a tailgate conversation starter.

We even have a ton of overalls in stock at your local Ragstock so you can switch it up from the striped game day bibs.


This is a pretty broad category of clothing that you can take in a lot of directions. Denim skirts for that vintage vibe, pleated skirts for an academic approach, or cheer skirts for a spiritwear style. No matter what your skirt of choice is, they are the perfect way to dress up a vintage college t-shirt or crew sweatshirt.

Pair a denim skirt with a cropped university tee, and maybe even layer a mesh or fishnet shirt/bodysuit underneath for some added style points. This works well with a cropped crewneck too for a colder day (we see you, University of Minnesota.) If you’re not feeling the denim, switch it out for a pleated plaid skirt in your school's colors - this can give an academic vibe or grunge depending on how you style it so have some fun with it! Look back to the 90’s grunge page if you’re in need of more inspiration on this one.

With a cheer skirt, try wearing a halter top (bonus Ragstock points if you can cut one out of an old university t-shirt instead of buying one premade). This is a sporty look that blends fashion and function for a game-day full of tailgates and parties. Plus, the DIY option gives you the chance to add some personal flair. Your local Ragstock has some great options for vintage college t-shirts and cheer skirts this fall if you want to try the look out!

Leather skirts are a great statement piece. Simply tuck in a tee or toss on your favorite crew neck and you can be good to go, easy peasy. A vintage denim jacket is an easy layer to add to this style. If you’re more into the glam than the game, leather skirts are easy to dress up for going out, and it's easy to mix in your school’s colors if you want to go full fashionista at the tailgate.

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DIY Denim

DIY denim takes a game day staple and turns it into something that will help you stand out as stylish in a crowd of basic girlies. Try painting or writing on jackets, jeans, or even your shoes.

Patches are also a great way to DIY even if you don’t want to paint. Put 'em on the back pockets, down the front of the leg, or even on your high tops.

If you want to get more hands-on, try drawing out some designs, go to your local Ragstock, pick up some thrifted jeans and make 'em your own! Pair your new creations with a vintage t-shirt or crewneck, and your new game day fashion is ready to go.

One of our denim jackets hand painted by @Clairefosss on instagram!

We have a ton of vintage + recycled denim in stores and on our website. Check out our collection of jeans, jackets, or feel free to check out our collection of game day ready vintage shirts and sweatshirts!

Also, if you need some inspo for your DIY Denim, Check out this blog we wrote for some great ideas!

Cold Weather Classics

Football season is long, and sometimes it's so long that it is essentially winter (We’re looking at you Badger Fans). So this one does double duty, it keeps you toasty while also looking cute. Start with your favorite jeans, put on some thick socks and some cute boots. I would personally lean towards some straight-cut, light-wash jeans with a pair of Doc Martens. Top this look off with a mock-neck or turtleneck and then layer your favorite vintage college crewneck sweatshirt over the top. If it is really cold, you can add a denim jacket to the list of layers too.

This works best with a baggy crew and a more form-fitting turtleneck underneath, like one of these bodysuits. You can accessorize with some longer necklaces and go for layers that will look nice over the turtleneck. These vary depending on the thickness of the neck, but for the most part 18-22in necklace sets should do the trick. Top it off with a beanie and don't forget your mittens!

We just dropped a ton of game day ready sweatshirts and crewnecks too, check them out here!


Simple. Effective. Versatile. The obvious item on the list here is the classic jersey. You don’t even have to stick to a football jersey for a football game. The collegiate hockey jersey is a fan favorite and, when it's warm, baseball or basketball jerseys are also a fun option.

Wear your jersey of choice with bike shorts or denim shorts for a warm weather game. Dress it up a touch with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat from Ragstock, or keep it simple with just the jersey, shorts, and a classic pair of high-top sneakers.

Another great warm weather option is a baseball jersey. Wear it as a layer over a college color tank top with some denim shorts for those early season day games. Then, as the weather cools down, go for a long sleeve jersey and jeans. If it’s really cold where you are, layer it up and toss on a hoodie under the jersey. Feel free to stick with the cowboy hat or, if your ears are prone to getting chilly, try a beanie!

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Bonus Tip: Accessorize

Let’s be honest, game days have a uniform. Sometimes the required colors and popular looks feel a little limiting when it comes to wearing your own style. That’s why we always recommend accessorizing.

Here is a quick list of our fan-favorite accessories that can take a look from good to great and keep your go to game day style feeling fresh all season long.

Cowboy Hats

These are an easy way to spice up any game day look. Whether you opt for a more traditional cowboy hat or go for a more party-forward style, these hats are the statement piece you didn’t know your outfit needed. Pick up a game day ready cowboy hat from Ragstock here!

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are such a unique, yet versatile piece of footwear that are really having their moment right now. Pair these with a skirt, pair them with jeans, or denim shorts. No matter what look you work these into, they are sure to make a stellar statement. Check out Ragstock’s collection of cowboy boots here to get your hands on your very own pair!

Also, just because both the boots and the hat are on the list doesn't mean they need to be worn together. Sure, it is classic , but both the hat and the boots will look great on their own too.

Fanny Packs

his one gets a little tricky because stadiums have different bag rules nowadays but, even if it's just for game day related events, this little accessory is convenient and super trendy. It can hold a can or two of assorted beverages, a snack, your phone or your tickets to the game. All around good things to keep on you for game day.

Check out our selection of new fanny packs here or you can grab a vintage fanny pack to really stand out and add some unique flair to your fit.


Basically, these are just better bandanas. Pick one up in your team's colors, and the possibilities are endless. Tie them around your bag straps, tie them around your neck (like Fred from Scooby Doo), tie them around a belt loop, or wear them as a hair accessory. Scarves add a pop of color and pattern to your game day outfits. Pick up a scarf from Ragstock here!


I am not talking about your average everyday sunglasses you keep in your car for driving off into the sunset. I‘m talking about “fashion over function” sunglasses. Not to say your everyday go-tos aren’t stylish, but it’s a long season and you’re gonna want to switch it up. Pick yourself up a pair of Harry Styles-esque heart rimmed sunglasses, go for some dripping lenses in your team colors or, pick up a pair where the frames look like flames. Have some fun with these ones! Shop our selection of game day ready sunglasses here!