Button-Up Shirts: Spring Fever Edition

Button Up Shirts

Spring Fever Edition

Picture this: it’s 4:15 pm and a sunny sixty-seven degrees outside. You gaze longingly out the window at whatever better-than-inside scenery exists, wishing you could be one with the trees and street traffic outside. While there’s a long time between you and 5 pm, you have one thing to console you. Look down.

Your button up shirt! With patterns ranging from fruit like the bananas below and this button up shirt covered in cherries to more healthy alternatives like our hamburger button up shirt, there are tons of options to keep your sun-deprived body happy enough. That’s all we can ask for, right? Below, we’ve highlighted nine button up shirts that all have emoji counterparts just to take the fun up another notch. Ready to pick your newest source of happiness? Shop all of our button up shirts for $24.99.

Pink Banana Bunches Printed Button Up Shirt

Ladybug Icon Woven Button Up Shirt

Palm Tiger Woven Button Up Shirt

Palm Tree Woven Button Up Shirt

Panda Icon Woven Button Up Shirt

Large Pineapple Woven Button Up Shirt

Avocado Icon-Printed Woven Shirt

Mini Watermelons Woven Button Up Shirt

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