Build Three Killer Looks with Vintage Silk Shirts



So here’s the deal with silk shirts: they’re smooth, they flow, they’re naturally derived, and with some digging, come in every color and crazy vintage pattern under the sun. If you think about it, really, they’re just like me and you. Heck, I’m just going to say it. They’re the perfect layer year around. As a base layer in colder weather, they retain heat and stay soft against your skin. In warmer weather, let them fly open with short sleeves and an oversized fit to protect you from the sun and stay both easy and breezy. At Ragstock, we are unashamed of our love for our vintage silk shirts. I mean, we have almost 300 online. Check them out, but not before you keep reading for three ways to wear silk in the coming months.

LOOK #1: The Smoothie in Hand

I’m going to ease you into things with a classic summer look, known by some as the hanging-out-and-leaning-against-things-looking-cool uniform. You probably have most of these items already, making it even easier for you to achieve a look featuring our star, vintage silk shirts. Start with a basic crop top like this one (or an un-cropped version, if you’re not feeling that belly button exposure) and a pair of high-waisted distressed denim shorts. Top it off with your silk shirt of choice, like the vintage silk shirt shown here. Add a colorful statement necklace and you’re ready to go!

LOOK #2: The Double-Take

Potentially my favorite look of the bunch, this getup comes at you from every angle. What makes it unique starts with the base: a pair of black denim overalls that are completely pushed off the top half of the body and instead worn as pants. A plain bralette layered under another season heavy-hitter, the chunky mesh tee, adds texture and goes with the punk vibe of the outfit. Here, the vintage silk shirt is layered over the mesh and left unbuttoned. However, we now come to what I propose as a stroke of genius: loosely cinching the shirt and slung low on her hips is a metallic rainbow fanny pack. Prepare to be glorified.

LOOK #3: The Switch-Up

Silk is a great fabric to play around with because it’s often tied to more formal occasions. Here, the vintage silk shirt in question features a soft floral pattern and mossy green color. It’s buttoned-up through the collar, aiding that fancy vibe I mentioned earlier, but then—hold up—we’re throwing over a fun vintage lightweight jacket to balance things out with a sporty, college throwback jacket. This one is from Baylor 1974 and so far, one of our absolute faves. The jacket graphic matches the color of the silk shirt, tying the look together on top of the complimenting yellow-green color scheme. We kept the pants plain and black so as not to distract from the killer combo on top.

Now that you’re ready, young grasshopper, check out our almost 300 and counting vintage silk shirts online. If you come up with your own great look, tag us @ragstock—we’d love to see!

By Maddie Berger | 2018.5.14