BTS: Our St. Patrick’s Day Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: Our St. Pat’s Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured out in negative-degree weather to meet a couple of our models at a long-standing Irish pub in St. Paul, MN called The Dubliner. It was the day of our photo shoot for St. Patrick’s Day, where we’d be taking photos to use for our store signs, for social media, flyers, and more. Had we taken any test shots? Nope! Did it work out regardless? As they say where we’re from—You. Betcha.

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The staff was nice enough to let us in before they opened! We wanted to catch some morning light through the large front windows and also avoid any amount of lunch rush we could. The bartender was setting up their big, classic bar (one of the many reasons we chose this spot!) and Brian, their head of maintenance, was busy cleaning and rearranging the tables filling their dining floor. 

The two models we booked are from a local agency called Ignite Models—we work with them a lot. Mae and Dominic have both shot with us before and are super fun. Outside of both being great models, we thought they would look good together (plus, they’re both over 21). 🍻

We brought three different outfits for each, focusing on three main ideas:
1. Our graphic designer, Jackie (also one of our photographers!) created a bunch of designs to be used on St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts and sweatshirts. They’re our main focus for the holiday, so we want them to be prominent on our signs.
2. We wanted to showcase some plaid—it’s a classic Irish and Scottish textile, ya know—and we have tons of cute plaid pants, skirts, and dresses.
3. Accessories! Our St. Patrick’s Day accessories are hilarious and awesome, so it’s a must to show them. 

The Dubliner used to be called Ace Bar, and their original sign is mounted on the back wall. We came in thinking that this would be the money shot! 

Moving on!

After we took over 200 photos (!) in front of the sign, we moved to a nearby table. The Dubliner was officially open at this point, so we grabbed a couple of Guinness beers to use as “props”. We also spread chocolate coins across the table, à la ‘pot of gold’. Plastic coins were going to be the original purchase before another one of our photographers, Casey, had the brilliant idea to request these instead. We all had forgotten how good the chocolate is!

Scroll on and check out a few more photos from our shoot—In total, we took 1,056 images. WHEW. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks because the winning photo will be in store windows! 

It’s not a great dive unless there’s a popcorn machine. 😈

We layered leggings under shorts for a cute ’90s look—plus it’s still cold in March!

We loved this image because it clearly shows our graphic tees. And yes, Mae’s fanny pack is filled with chocolate. 

One of us left the polaroid camera in our car overnight with sub-zero temps. Maybe this explains the weird film malfunction that happened here?

Sometimes we like using flash! If it’s used right, it makes everything pop and creates a dramatic shadow.

Can you tell we were nearing the end of our shoot?